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Cream cheese / pecan pies? Finished. 6 pound cakes? Finished. Homepage banana pudding? Finished! As my children and grand children say, “ Now it’s officially her holidays?
"Anytime you’re in a relationship that doesn't bring about an urgency in you to be clean, it’s a toxic relationship." - @CJakesColeman. Select the link in my bio for @TPHDallas ' #FallFamilyRevival with @CJakesColeman on #BishopsVillage .
Before @CJakesColeman even delivered the word at @TPHDallas ' #FallFamilyRevival , The Holy Spirit filled the room in a special way. I just had to share this with you! Select the link in my bio to access #BishopsVillage and witness how God's glory entered the room.
My family and I would like to offer our love and condolences to @Diddy and his entire family, as they traverse the tragic loss of Ms. Kim Porter. The beauty of love is that it knows no limits; not even death can contain the love established during her life. I empathize with your feelings of sorrow, yet I hope for the memories made and laughs exchanged to be cherished most. And, during this time of great agony, may you all remain encouraged in God’s ability to restore strength and to mend broken hearts. Lastly, though you may grieve her absence, realize that many people never had such love in all of their lives. You are blessed to have someone to miss! May God’s grace guide you through this challenging time.
Pastor @ToureRoberts delivered such an incredible word from God last night at @TPHDallas ' #FallFamilyRevival ! I hope his message will inspire you to yield to the work God wants to perform in you! Select the link in my bio to watch #DominateYourSphere and more of the #FallFamilyRevival on #BishopsVillage .
#Repost @tphdallas ・・・ You can’t have power unless you connect to heaven." - @SarahJakesRoberts ⠀ When we unite with God, we gain the power to facilitate change across our world. We have been called to be the salt of the earth (Matthew 5:13). We are to give the earth its flavor. So, when we connect to our power source – God – He is faithful to give us solutions. He is looking for someone who is willing to stand up when everyone else is willing to sit down. When you surrender your life to Him, He’s looking for you to readily stand up and leave the crowd. You were created to bring His flavor to the world. However, because not everyone will accept the “change agent” version of you, be prepared to go it alone. Unfortunately, some people have grown accustomed to the bland version of you and may not accept the emergence of the powerful change agent that resides within you. Whether or not others understand your calling, know that if God is for you, no one can come against you. Continue to listen to Him and watch His dunamis power transform the world! You can catch the rebroadcast of #WorthTheWait inside #BishopsVillage . Head to the link in the bio to watch. #FallFamilyRevival
"You think the small thing is beneath you. Maybe it is beneath you so that it can elevate you!" - @ToureRoberts Check out this sermon and all #FallFamilyRevival services NOW on #BishopsVillage . (Links in Bio)
"You don't have to win THE world, all you have to do is win YOUR world!" - @ToureRoberts ⠀ ⠀ Check out #DominateYourSphere and all #FallFamilyRevival services NOW on #BishopsVillage . (Link in Bio)
Yesterday was incredible! The rest of the #FallFamilyRevival is going to be life-changing. You don't want to miss it! Check out these sermons and all #FallFamilyRevival services NOW on #BishopsVillage . Link in Bio. #TPHOnline #mondaymotivation
“You cannot grow and stay.”⠀ ⠀ When God begins to transform you, He does so in the natural realm. Then, He disrupts the spiritual realm. This process disconnects you from your past. Growth should yield a change in you. Just like a baby developing in the mother’s womb, the baby outgrows this space. When you evolve, you no longer fit where you once were. So, staying in a place that you have outgrown will cause you to become stagnant. You’re not supposed to keep growing in your relationship with Christ and stay the same person. You are supposed to develop for His purpose. You may have to leave others behind in this process, but remember, our lives are not our own, but the Lord’s, so we must sacrifice to receive all that He has for us. Do not conform to the world, but renew yourself in Christ (Romans 12:2). Watch the rebroadcast of #TruthInducesLabor now at or on the TD Jakes Mobile App. #mondaymotivation
The Holy Spirit flooded the room and God's word restored lives. This is only the beginning of what God wants to do this week. Join us tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. CT for round two at @TPHDallas ! Watch all #FallFamilyRevival services NOW on #BishopsVillage . (Link in Bio)
“Every time you close a door, my God opens a window.” - @sarahjakesroberts Watch #WorthTheWait and all #FallFamilyRevival services NOW on #BishopsVillage (Link in Bio)
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