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TFW all my editing is caught up, all my contracts sent out, all my laundry is done, and the kitchen is clean. Cheers to the start of a productive work week!
Something I’m super excited to share! So my personal fitness history is that I’ve been lifting weights consistently since I was 14. My dad was a body builder when I was a child, and still works out almost every single day. He instilled the importance of remaining fit and active from a VERY early age. He was making me bench press in our basement at like 10 years old 😂 And it worked because it stuck with me. Even through 2 pregnancies, I still lifted. And it has really led to me feeling much younger than I actually am (especially now that my back is better!) Sure, there have been times when I’m not able to get in the gym as much as I want- hello high maintenance child and starting your own business, but it doesn’t take long for me to get back in. So when a friend showed me the site, I fell in love with their aesthetic and mission. Believe me when I say I whole heartedly believe in quality over quantity, and I personally would never work with a brand I didn’t believe in. My mind is BLOWN over this brand. The fit, quality, feel is just everything. And my favorite thing about this company? A % of each purchase goes towards a person in need. So friends, check them out. Their stuff is beautiful, high quality, and meaningful. I included a discount code in my bio if interested!
Got up early and took the boys to a tour of the Shatto Milk farm. They had fun! We tried a bunch of different milk flavors, milked a cow, and petted baby calves. I of course got a bunch of pictures and will be blogging about it!
So thinking about scheduling a brand photoshoot? The process with me is easy-peasy. After our initial contact, I send over a brand questionnaire. This helps me get a feel for you, your brand, and what you envision for your shoot. I go over all your answers and from there we start planning your shoot. I have about a thousand different ideas running through my head at any given time 🤩 Once we agree on the concept, we set the date, time, and location or locations. There’s no reason to only shoot in one place! Still have questions? Shoot me an email, dm, or fill out the contact form on my site!
Getting in the Easter spirit around our house. I’m usually not a huge fan of traditional Easter decorations but @pinkantlersstudio always has the cutest stuff for every holiday. It’s probably a good thing that they are a 40 minute drive from our house 😬
This caption has nothing to do with this picture but just wanted to let you guys know that I have successfully memorized the whole SNL R Kelley interview skit. WHAT IS YOUR TALENT?! * * “Y’all just keep your camera out in the open like that? Y’all some freaks?”
Happy Spring. We made it, Midwest. We made it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If my life had a seasonal color palette, it would be Spring. Pink donuts all around!
Why is it so hard to photograph my kids? I had to bribe him with a trip to target to get a toy to get ONE picture of him. And he’s squinting like it’s a bright sunny day or something. I feel like he’s the winner of this deal but oh well. He’s still pretty stinkin cute regardless.
Puts together one bouquet. Adds professional florist to résumé. Any locals: Hyvee has really pretty Gerbana Daisies 5 for 5$ and carnations for 1$ a piece!
Whoever guesses how many crumbs I had to remove from this photo, gets a prize! On a serious’s 60 degrees in KC today and I’ve been inside editing my little heart out and now it’s already 5:30 and I’m greatly regretting this decision.
I’m only 1/3 into this book and I already can’t recommend it enough. There’s been so many relatable quips to my previous work experience and where I am now. As someone who NEVER imagined of one day owning my own business, I can proudly say I need all the help I can get lol. But just like the book says, “I am getting better as I grow- not the other way around.”
Cute interiors make me want to cuss, I just love them so much. I have a list about a mile long of places I want to photograph and like a 3rd of them are in California. I need to start booking shoots out there so I can live out all of my photography dreams.
Public. Service. Announcement. This place is magical. And this coconut shaved ice cream was everything I wanted it to be. We made a little trip this afternoon to visit this dessert cafe and it was well worth the drive. Quality dessert + aesthetically cute atmosphere + the nicest owners = A+ in my books.
I had the vision of this image in my head for this shoot and Taylor executed it perfectly. I had SO much fun with her. We hit it off beautifully and even though we had been waiting to do these pictures for like months now (the stupid weather ruined like 5 previous dates) it was well worth the wait. She’s my kind of people 🤗
I know what you were wondering. Does Beth have a pink bathroom in her house? And the answer is yes, yes I do. And it’s equipped with this lady, who Jacob refers to as mommy. If only I was this chic. But Happy International Women’s day to all my lady loves 💕✊🏻
So wanted to jump on and thank everyone for all the birthday wishes! I’m so blessed to have such amazing family and friends- one of the reasons why I love my birthday so much. Wanted to give you a little insight into my personality though. So my mom got me the cutest flats of life, my sister got me a pink camera strap, my bro and SIL got me a coffee mug and some cute pink bowls that I wanted, my dad gave me money for a new wallet, @Annie_austen was so sweet and gifted me a Starbucks GC, and my neighbor/bestie got me the serial killer playing cards that I wanted. One of these is not like the other 🤔
I’m 33 today! My day is off to a super start 😒 Jacob woke up at 3am and just went back to sleep at 9am. I had planned on going to the gym, getting my free birthday coffee from @starbucks (don’t judge) and relaxed for a bit while he was at school. BUT that didn’t happen. It’s ok though. I’ll take this time while he’s asleep to make a homemade coffee and read a new book that I’m already highly invested in. Boy how my birthdays have changed. On a high note, my amazing sister got me the pink camera strap I wanted and it’s everything. I so wish on days like these that my sibs were around to hang out with but they all left me 😫 Anyhow, I’ll be drawing for the free tan/lash giveaway today so stay tuned! I just need a bit to recharge my batteries 🔋 🔋
New hobby: Taking sunset pictures. I’ve been waiting to capture a more cotton candyish sky, but I kinda dig this blue and orange one we had last night.
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