i edit with after effects (it’s not an app)

a big fuck you to anyone who has ever hated on miss Dinah Laurel Lance <3 ac griimesrickk sc hadexs_
for nat!!! 💕🤝 ib/ac emiliasbastard sc hadexs_
veronica & her best girl(friend)!!! sc whaleyum.s & hadexs_
the king & the boss bitch ib firstladytxpaz
for tasya 💓 she probably won’t see this, but I got to meet her this weekend & I still CANNOT BELIEVE it even happened. forever in shock- thank you tasya for being the literal sweetest, I’m so grateful for you. you truly do give the best hugs!! i love you 💞🥺 @tasyateles #conageddon2 (that’s me in the beginning lol) ac rvssum sc hadexs_
super simple scrap of my babies bc I haven’t had time to make a full edit 🥺 #beronicaftrachelseries
she’s THAT bitch! ac asvp sc hadexs_
it’s about him isn’t it? cc cordueva sc hadexs_ ib okaybellarke
betty: we’re so sorry betty 1 minute later: i lied i wasn’t sorry 👊🏻😌 I’m nothing of the sorT 👋🏻😩 sc hadexs_
separate fiction from reality & stop pitting them against each other for no fucking reason challenge!!! ac drizzyaudios sc hadexs_
betty just got back from her internship and the first person she wants to tell about the girl she met during the summer is her best friend, archie. ac casifers sc hadexs_
i think we all know who she wants to stay with ac esotezic sc hadexs_
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