i edit with after effects (it’s not an app)

how many times can I plot twist someone else to Alice: a series 🥵 cc esotezic ac ephemeral sc pvtsch
SUPER DREAMMM U HAVE MY HEART 💖 cc esotezic audio rm lydiainskis sc pvtsch 1st slide transition is ib fvckyeahbechloe
WiTh BoYs cc esotezic ac rennrfelt sc pvtsch
literally no one cares if u hate Alice keep scrolling :) cc esotezic sc/ac pvtsch (edited)
and she just kEEPS SNAPPING HUH cc esotezic ac angelicoven sc pvtsch
“Nothing hurts more than knowing if the world were ending in 5 minutes, I would call you to tell you I love you, but the line would be busy because you’d be on the phone with someone else.” cc esotezic sc pvtsch (au explained in the comments)
role reversal supercat excellence cc esotezic ac bloodflows sc pvtsch ib ameliasluthor | @melissabenoist @nicoleamaines
LETS GO LESBIANS cc esotezic ac plotwistaudios sc pvtsch for amy @dopamene 🥵
serpent royalty that just cannot be matched cc esotezic ac plotwistaudios sc pvtsch
everybody mad 🤑 cc esotezic sc pvtsch
U BETTER @writerras cc esotezic ac okaychyler sc pvtsch tag them? 🤪 @camimendes @lilireinhart
you’re the nicest thing I’ve seen
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