I like to play video games :) and I have a dog named KOVU💛🐕 Brian 💛

Everyone this is my new puppy kovu 💛 and yes the name is inspired by the Lion King 🦁
Nothing better then hikes with my friends and my dog 🤪🐕
Little recap of yesterday 💛
Wassup MTV welcome to my crib
Can't be grateful enough ❤️🎉
Seattle was an adventure :)
Back to back :)
Good times :)
How school going ^^
Good times with good friends ❤️pc: @life_as_jazmine
This is what @edgar_salinas7 and me do in our free time 😂
No caption needed :)
Yo girls got the W last night ! 💪🏽😎
Shoutout to all my girls ! Got that W !
I'm sorry @frontinojayson 😂
Took us 4 hours !
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