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I’m sorry; I can’t let this go. Is he just incapable of speaking English. What a dunce!
Another asinine pronouncement from the Idiot in Chief. His solution for preventing forest fires is to rake. The president of Finland says he NEVER talked to Drumbp about raking. And if you have ever been to Finland the forest floor is covered with moss, not dried, dead undergrowth. Also, can someone please instruct this IDIOT on how to construct a a cogent sentence!?
Mirror, mirror on his wall
Says it all!
This is the president of the USA advocating murder of refugee mothers and their children,should they throw stones. Appalling and disgusting!
Latest pronouncement from the COWARD IN CHEIF: Male rapists from south of our border are coming for our women; when actually the “caravan” is comprised mostly of mothers and their children. So under the deceitful and sexist pretext of making it safer for our women,he is proposing to send more troops to the Mexican border than are in Afghanistan. A waste of taxpayer money and just another divisive, hateful act in the Trump Show; to scare up votes for the midterms. Disgusting!
Where is the 10% tax cut he promised by November 1? Are his supporters deaf. And the lies on pre-existing conditions? He never supported them and doesn’t. And how he says that you can find “everything” amidst the poor and desperate mothers and children running for their lives towards a place that used to stand for freedom? If one can find “everything “ there, maybe it would be a good place for him to look for his heart. Anecdotally, he could do with finding his brain, as well. He talked about migrants coming from South America and “even further south”. Watch out for all those dangerous Antarcticans. Fucking idiot!
Rose in the rain
Can he be anymore contemptible and disgusting?
This is what our President thinks of women. He said it loudly and clearly. He’s a foul- mouthed , lowlife slob. PLEASE COPY AND SHARE!
Can it be any more plain than this?
I mourn the helpless children. No more pretty pictures on Instagram for me. There is nothing pretty about the imprisonment of innocent children. To even consider joy and beauty while living in a country that allows this outrage is a privilege I can not in good conscience indulge in.
Happy Father’s Day to the fathers whose babies are in detention under the hateful hand of Trump and all who follow him. If you’re for Trump you’re for child abuse; plain and simple. No fake news. This is REAL!
White men with guns surrounding the innocent, unarmed and helpless: Trump’s America. This is a humanitarian crisis. UN must intervene
Happy Father’s Day our soulless President is allowing babies to be thrown into detention. The workers there are not allowed to touch or hold a screaming baby. We are all complicit.
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