Bobby Bukowski

Rare coastal winter sun
Charlie on the beach
How pathetic. He really does think that his presidency is a reality television show. Now he has simply re-written the script to claim the Wall is already being built. Now they just have to finish it. Like lemmings to a cliff; these people will believe anything this orange jerk says. It would be humorous, if it only weren’t so lethal.
Looking exactly like what he is: an idiot.
Regard this useless bag of wind bloviating and spewing bilious lies, as usual. National Intel are doing their jobs and he is annoyed that they won’t backup his lies. Poor little, baby. Such an ass.
St Jacob
Sauvie Island: rain
Sauvie: after the rain
Sauvie Island: after the rain
This is the only true American. The rest of us are all immigrants
This is the face of a pitiful liar and loser. Look closely how beat he looks.
Ladies and gentlemen: the president of the USA
The only times he removes his foot from@his own ass is to shove it roundly down his own mouth. Fucking idiot
More bathing...
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