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I do art sometimes Yeah that's it

I got bored today So I drew Captain Waluigi
So I've been playing some Spider-Man ps4, lately and I love his suit. The white spider looks so cool. Anyway, I got inspired to practice drawing Spider-Man more now in his funky poses, so this was one of them and I liked it. I edited it a bit to make a better to see as well. Now Look it at it, his leg from the knee-down looks a little short and his neck... Well he doesn't exactly have one I guess. But yeah. #spidermanps4 #spiderman #marvel
The big house was fun I guess @benshiro.21104 @papa_luinguini @nick_nugget
We did these too (second is the Incredibles symbol)
So Band Camp was awesome. Can't wait to go to the Big House next week mi amigos @nick_nugget @papa_luinguini @nevan_smith_ @the_benoid @benshiro.21104
Sock 2: The Sequel
So last day was fun. So weird it's over already
So this is a little late but whatever Yeah, congrats, @bethanibb for getting graduated. It's so weird to think that you're already done with school. You're a super duper cool sister, and the best one I've ever had.... because you're the only one I've had but hey, still the best. Love you Bethani
Part 2 I met probably the best looking Captain America that wasn't Captain America
So comic con was fun. @bethanibb @el_guerrero10 The last picture is the guy who plays Green Arrow in case y'@ll were wondering
Did a bunch of drawings today. All with brush pen again. They're all from Infinity War except for the second to last one. Anyway, a couple of them are supposed to be Cap, but its not that great. And Iron Man's arm is a little wacked up. #marvel #avengers #infinitywar #ironman #captainamerica #spiderman #brushpen #drawing
So I drew Batman and Captain America Basically, what I did is I sketched them out with a pencil, then I went over that with a brush pen. And eventually I colored them. I did others but these were my favorite. The brush pen can be a bit hard to use sometimes, so that could explain some of the blotches of ink. @zachary.designs #batman #captainamerica #ink #drawing #marvel #dc
So recently in my Art class, we've been doing a stippling project on a person or animal, so I decided to do mine on George Costanza/Jason Alexander (Seinfeld). And this is how it turned out. So yeah. @jerryseinfeld @seinfeldtv
So recently I've been trying to improve in my art. So a couple days ago I started this picture of Kylo Ren and I've been working on it since then and I'm actually pretty proud of this. Its still a WIP though, so I'll give updates. Maybe. I don't know.
2017 was neat
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