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"Funchoza is an amazing central Asian glass noodle salad. This cold dish originates from the Uyghur (an ethnic minority of China), but it’s very popular in Russia. Funchoza salad consists of rice noodles, bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers, and strips of beef with spicy oil and vinegar dressing — we make it for parties and celebrating special occasions." (📷: @zveruska 📍: Moscow, Russia)
No one would fault you for beelining straight to Surabaya's first all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant, Sendai, where it's been said that the food tastes even better than the pictures look — which is saying a lot. The restaurant has taken traditional Japanese fare and turned it into a mouthwatering, family-style experience. Whether you’re sharing sushi with your siblings or filling your Instagram feed with perfect shots of matcha kakigori (shaved ice) with your friends, you’ll leave feeling fuller in more ways than one. (📷: @sendai.allyoucaneat 📍 : Sendai All You Can Eat)
"Being a food photographer today means that you can pretend to be wherever you wish, and the beauty of it is how simple it is to set up a scene and pick certain props to give the illusion of a specific place and feel. For this shot, I wanted my viewers to think about a casual afternoon, a crisp breeze, and the illusion of time passing slowly. I was inspired to craft my own healing brew by a traditional cough syrup recipe that was passed down to me from my soon to be mother-in-law. This turmeric and mint based drink was meant to be enjoyed hot to extract all the nutrients from its components as if some sort of brewing was going on. However, this tonic is also perfect served chilled on a warm summer day, and it'll still provide healing benefits anyway!" (📷: @_chiarabones_ )
"Chow House is a newly opened Sichuan restaurant in the bustling Greenwich Village, NY. Being of Chinese descent, Chinese food is my absolute favorite. The older I get, the more I grow to love the cuisine and the culture, which has inspired me to start a separate Instagram account, @chinesenyc , where I showcase predominantly Chinese food offerings in New York. I feel very blessed to live in a city where quality Chinese food is readily available, as I feel that in the past, the cuisine has not been as well-represented in the Western world. Perhaps this is because it was one of the earlier Asian cuisines to be introduced here, and started as a cheaper, less luxurious offering by the early immigrants. I want to share its rich flavor and variety with New Yorkers and the rest of the world." (📷: @peachonomics 📍: Chow House)
"We started ANAKJAJAN in 2011 as a way to share our passion for food and travel. For us, in addition to being our home, Jakarta has been a melting pot of cuisine — there’s always something new and exciting for Jakartans to try, whether its local or international fare. For example, Thai street food dishes from Greyhound Cafe Jakarta, a cafe which originated in Bangkok, feature Thai food with a modern twist." (📷: @anakjajan 📍: Greyhound Cafe)
Whether you’re planting tomatoes or roasting them, Oakland, California is the place to be. Its up and coming food scene makes sense as the city has long been known for its ability to produce high quality, locally grown produce. @honestlyyum ’s tomato confit is proof that confit, which is derived from the French word “confire” and translates to “to preserve,” is an adequate description for all the flavor and culture that is cherished in Oakland. (📷: @honestlyyum 📍: Oakland, California)
What started as a small neighborhood sushi restaurant in New York’s Upper West Side neighborhood has evolved into a city staple, with four @harusushinyc locations spread across the borough. The popular Japanese restaurant creatively combines traditional dishes with more contemporary fare — these wasabi potato croquettes are just one of the many stars of the menu. (📷: @dianaeatsnyc 📍: Haru Sushi Hell's Kitchen)
Healthy, delicious, and easy on the eyes are all accurate ways to describe the menu at @thebowlberlin. The clean eating restaurant sits in the heart of Berlin and prides itself on its loyal following — customers who know that eating well and truly enjoying your food can very easily go hand in hand. (📷: @vkrees 📍: The Bowl)
In the heart of New York’s SoHo neighborhood, @osteriamorini ’s menu channels flavors from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, which is known for its prosciutto di Parma — that's why you'll find this and other tasty pork varieties sprinkled throughout the NYC establishment’s menu. (📷: @thefoodjoy 📍: Osteria Morini Manhattan)
@davidwma can confirm that @chefmichaelnyc ’s truffle cheeseburger at @deli_nyc is as mouthwatering of a meal as it sounds and looks like it would be. Named one of Zagat’s 30 Under 30 chefs to watch in 2011, Michael Ferraro has brought his casual yet innovative touch to Delicatessen’s menu, turning the classic cheeseburger into an elevated culinary experience. Letting his imagination run wild with staple dishes is what has defined Ferraro’s career — in 2009, he opened @macbar_nyc , a restaurant dedicated to all kinds of creative and gourmet mac and cheese. (📷: @davidwma )
Warm weather or not, @dennistheprescott ’s blueberry lime cheesecake ‘frozen yogurt’ recipe is a must-make. Seven ingredients and just a few minutes guarantee you a sweet, healthy treat that can be frozen for up to a week. Now that’s the kind of meal prep we can all excitedly get behind. (📷: @dennistheprescott )
Whether you’re visiting @americainamsterdam for its chic decor or its traditional Amsterdam breakfast platter, you’re in for a treat. The Dutch traditionally serve a mix of breads, jams, and cheeses for breakfast that will leave your stomach, and perhaps even your heart, full. (📷: @drizzleanddip 📍: Café Americain)
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