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Stories — they’re written everywhere. On the soft paper of dusty books, in songs, photographs, and old cookbooks and recipes. But they are also inscribed in the wrinkles, freckles, and lines of the hands whose narrative they tell. In the tranquility of kitchen just stirring in the early grey hours of the morning — within the ancient magic of Modena’s walls — the hands of two generations come together to fold their stories into the pleats of fresh tortellini pasta. What stories do your hands tell — inside the kitchen or outside of it? (📷: @cityfoodie 📍: Modena, #Italy ) #beautifulcuisines
At Coqueta — a name which means “infatuation” in Spanish — the restaurant’s aureate food lineup flirts between nouveau traditional Spanish cuisine and California-modern fare. Led by executive chef Dominick Maietta, the menu takes notes from the culture of tapas and is inspired by fruits of the abundant neighboring Northern California land. The eatery also showcases an inventive cocktail list and a bountiful local wine selection. @peachonomics captured some of the mouthwatering dishes, including the “Pulpo a la Parrilla” — a wood-grilled octopus served atop fingerling potatoes and drizzled with pimentón olive oil. Dining tip: Also try the “Sunny-side-up huevo” dish — a fresh egg cooked up with a row of succulent shrimp, crispy garlic potatoes, pine nuts, and a chorizo dressing — one of chef/owner Michael Chiarello’s favorites. (📷: @peachonomics 📍: Coqueta) #beautifulcuisines
As American author, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, once wrote, “Good communication is just as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.” On a New York City sidewalk during a crisp afternoon, the excited buzz of wafting caffeine and chatter emerged from this petite cafe front, where a group of friends came to find both. What's your favorite spot for a little coffee and social stimulation? (📷: @helloiamnaz 📍: Birch Coffee, #NewYorkCity )
Beloved traveler, chef, writer, and global friend, Anthony Bourdain wisely once said, “Food may not be the answer to world peace, but it’s a start,” — understanding it is a start. It’s an innate language we all speak, a culture we all are a part of, and a tapestry into which we are all woven. Every day, the food we eat has a story — who made it, where it originated from, who grew it, who cooked it. Take this colorful salad created by food blogger and Los Angeles native, John Kanell. Its greens were sourced from a state farm in the United States, its chalky, buttery slivers of persimmon hailing from across the Pacific in Japan, and the ruby gem seeds of pomegranate originating from a region much further — the colorful lands of Iran and the sloping peaks of the Himalayas. We are blessed with such diversity in our food because of the brave who ventured past the lines, walls, and hills of their own lands to share with others the fruits of their country. The immigrants, the farmers, the sailors, the scavengers, the curious, the fearless. Some food for thought: Today, we encourage you to dive deeper into your next meal, ask these questions, understand the stories, learn something new. Many of us are a melting pot of cultures, and so wonderfully fortunate are we that so are our meals. 📷: @preppykitchen 📍: Los Angeles) #beautifulcuisines
Some of the best weekends are spent sitting around tables lined with good food and great friends. Take this spread from Leuca, a Southern Italy-inspired restaurant in Williamsburg, New York, for example. Savory plates — a sheep’s milk ricotta dip with hot honey and garlic, Malfadini (ribbon-shaped) pasta with pesto, and a wood-fired pizza topped with chili and pepperoni — join the guest list for this tasty dinner. Tag your favorite dining buddy for weekend meal inspo. (📷: @leucanyc 📍: Leuca Restaurant, William Vale Hotel Brooklyn)
Inspired by a traditional Hong Kong tea restaurant, this contemporary-meets-retro space blends Cantonese design and cuisine into a beautiful eclectic fabric. Plates of wild mushroom and porcini prawn dim sum, wok-fried monkfish, black pepper chicken, and sweet and sour Cointreau Berkshire pork hit the high notes while the backdrop of the emerald-green bar and checkered floors hit the baseline of this restaurant’s colorful, Cantonese song. (📷: @millykr 📍: Duddell's #London 倫敦都爹利會館) #beautifulcuisines
Talk about textures! A tangy vanilla citrus icing zigs in excited strips atop these pillowy vegan sweet rolls, as a tart raspberry compote swirls whimsically inside their doughy centers. Cooking tip: This recipe will pair well with almost any berry filling — feel free to get inventive and roll these baked goods up with a strawberry jam or a multi-berry combo instead. (📷: @ohladycakes 📍: #Denver , #Colorado ) #beautifulcuisines
The food bloggers at @pinchofyum combine five of their favorite salads to make this globally-inspired Thai noodle dish. Flavors of citrus, nuts, sesame, honey, “and all the crunchy veggies” meld together to create a playground of taste and texture — and it’s a quick, healthy recipe that’s easy to make on a weeknight. Would you whip this up for dinner tonight? (📷: @pinchofyum 📍: #california )
In this hearty French stew, vegan food blogger Odile swaps meaty mushrooms and seitan for beef — the protein used traditionally in the stew — making the dish a bit lighter while still keeping its wholesome flavors. Though some may be a bit hesitant to opt for these pseudo-meat options, they offer a great alternative for getting your daily protein intake. Seitan, which is made from wheat protein into a texture that is similar to tofu or tempeh, contains 75 grams of protein per 100-gram serving as opposed to the approximate 25 grams of protein found per 100-gram serving of beef. How’s that for an upgrade? Would you try this as a substitute for next week’s #meatlessmonday ? (📷: @odilejp 📍: #Montreal , #Quebec )
At Boru Boru in New York City, a melange of food cultures come together to whip up a new kind of eatery — Asian comfort food meets kosher meets vegetarian fare. While the dishes — like blistered shishito peppers, Korean fried wings, and pastrami ramen — are sure to get your mouth watering, so are the cocktails, which are done simply and beautifully. It’s the perfect after-work watering-hole for @moodyfoodadventures , who shares this shot of its old-fashioned, served with a dried, sugared orange slice. (📷: @moodyfoodyadventures 📍: Boru Boru #NYC ) #beautifulcuisines
At Chef’s Club NYC, chefs from around the world come to share their culinary expertise and insights from the food world with the New York community by participating in its residencies throughout the year. Currently in the rotation is chef Abraham Colon — chef and co-owner of Fat Rice in Chicago — who is frying up his globally-inspired Southeast Asian comfort food. Avid diner Laura Jung provides some great advice to get the most out of this and similar dining experiences — “If at all possible, sit at the bar of an open kitchen and witness the magic happening.” Where is your favorite place to go to watch cooks in action? (📷: @cityfoodie 📍: Chefs Club #NYC ) #beautifulcuisines
The Italian dish “Caprese” — a salad of sliced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, and sweet basil — morphs into soup form and makes for the perfect recipe to accompany a transition from the summer months to the cold-weather ones. Diced, plump tomatoes, garlic, and Spanish onion get sautéed then blended with vegetable stock and red wine vinegar for this creamy concoction from chef @dennistheprescott. He tops the soup with a pillowy cloud of creamy buffalo mozzarella, a drizzle of olive oil, and fresh basil leaves. What’s your favorite dish to stay warm with during frosty weather? ?(📷: @dennistheprescott 📍: #canada )
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