Brandon Coley Cox

Fine Artist, Bmore Native, NYer At Large, Yale Alum, BlickityBlackity, Alchemist, Healer, Champ Critic, Visiting Asst Professor, Grant Wood Fellow

New glasses! 💥💥
🖤 Happy birfday James Baldwin 🖤
Rest in Power Kanishka! One of my fiercest and favorite core critics & mentors up at Yale. You will be missed!
Getting used to having short hair again. Waves are a whole thing.
Now that all this hair is gone, I really see that I look like my father. Like I can really see it.
I'm in this banger of a show curated by @jpirello
Finally in BK
Aaand we're on the road. Crashed at a motel in deep bumblewood Ohio. 8 hours to go! Cya soon Baltimore!
Thanks Iowa City!
July 4th.
This is the last piece I just finished before leaving Iowa City. Took me 7 months to make it. Da-yum! #bcoxart #keeptheblackness #whatsunderneath #contemporarypainting #contemporaryprintmaking #layers #archaeology #art
Round 2!!! Here we go!! Prayers up!!
So happy to see friends doing well! Go check out Elle Pérez at MOMA PS1!!! @elleperex
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