Saul Ramirez

Alexandria, Aztlán. Local Artist, Poet, Documentarian. Juaritos:Burque:ChucoTown:Cruces

Things belong in places
Just ended my exit interview for my internship @okeeffemuseum Art and Leadership program for Boys. I didn’t share much of it here, but it was a magnificent experience working with kids this summer, teaching them about art and hopefully about themselves. Thanks to everyone who helped me while I’ve been up in Santa Fe. It’s been a quick and hectic thing. I left my landlord this painting. I called it The Storm.
Missing my studio
Mythology: the lightness of the sky is like the lightness of dreams, those most detached phenomena, quite infinite and undefinable. Passing winds that always pressurize the matter below with a vacuum-like tensions, a lack of presence; the guilt that pushes down against the material whose reveries push up in trees, roofs, and wire poles like subtly hidden desires.
There’s just something beautiful about extremes. We’re always being pulled towards one.
Abiquiu Lake
Off to Ghost Ranch
Casa Blanca. O’Keeffe called it white place, but I think that’s a whack name.
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