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What is your cat doing his other 15 percent of life?😼#catfacts
Just like us humans, our purrfect companions also have different blood groups. Do you already know what know your kitty's blood type is? Knowing your cat’s blood group can be vital in different situations, yet, unless it's an emergency, this doesn't come up often. Follow the link in bio to learn why you really should know your letters!
«We found a kitten at work in October. I brought him home on the day that Tom Petty passed (RIP) and named him Thomas (aka furry Tom Petty). I've been told by several people that he looks like a Bengal & he displays a lot of the Bengal behavior (wild, climbs EVERYTHING, talkative, etc). I don't think he is a pure bread but I am curious to see what his results say.» (с) pet human Stacey 🐱 What breed do you think he is dear cat fellows?🤓#basepawscats
The Birman, or famously known as the "Sacred Cat of Burma", is a strikingly gorgeous cat of a lovely legend behind its beauty. Do you feel prepared for the enchanting story of this mysterious feline breed? Buckle up and read the story on our blog, as the secrets are about to unravel. Link in bio.
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New year - new Basepaws CatKit!🥳We are very proud to show our new box at #ces2019 . Can’t wait to launch it on our website!👏 PS: Thank you @hosico_cat for such a great video - everyone at @ces is in love with you now!
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is the most common feline heart disease, and up to 15% of all cats may suffer from it. Many cats with HCM can live long and healthy lives, however, for some cats, HCM can be a devastating disease. Maine Coons and Ragdolls are thought to be at a higher risk from this genetic disease. More about HCM on our blog! Link in bio.
Meowzers from #ces2019 !✌🏻
Congenital myasthenic syndrome is a genetic neuromuscular disorder in cats characterized by prolonged muscle contraction and muscle stiffness (spasticity) which interferes with normal movement. The disease seems to be associated with Devon Rex and Sphynx cats. What else do you need to know? Find out in our latest blog! Link in bio.
#basepawscats #Repost @rocky_onwheels 😼 ・・・ Hope you got to watch our live !!!! We are super excited about sending out our DNA !!! We will soon find out so much about our king !!!! You can get your kit at @basepaws !! I will keep you all updated every step of the way.!!! #catdna #dna #genetics
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Sturdy, powerful and friendly, the American Shorthair is a laid-back, loving cat that originated in the United States likely during the 1900s. They are exceptional hunters who steal human hearts with their captivating gaze and utmost loving personalities. Don't miss the link in bio for more. 👆
«I have always been curious if there is any russian blue in Sage and was hoping these results could tell me that along with any other unique things about her make up.» (c) pet human Amanda🐱 #basepawscats
Happy New Year, dear hoomans! We wish you all an amazing New Year full of laughter, joy and purrs. To help you support your kitty to step, hop and jump into the New Year on the right paw, we have a few tips you won't want to miss. Link in bio.
As 2018 comes to a close, we just want to thank you for your continued support and interest in Basepaws. Our joined efforts this year yielded exciting new science and innovation, and every DNA sample we received has become part of our story. Together with each of you, we are building the world first and largest database of feline data for the betterment of cat health everywhere. Happy Mew Year! 🎉#happynewyear2019
It’s Sunday, time for SPA and DNA-waxing! #Repost #basepawscats 😼@the.dapper.duo ・・・ #ad Here is how we collected our fur sample for @basepaws ! It's not bad at all!
Oh meow, what a year! We are proud to have such a big and engaging community. Here’s a look back at our 2018 year and top 9 popular posts. Get ready for 2019!🥳😼 #happynewyear2019
Happy New Year dear Basepaws family! 🎉 To finish off the countdown of your top 4 favorite stories of 2018, today we are bringing back the odd-eyed cats! This genetic anomaly is most commonly observed in white cats. Find out more on our blog. Link in bio.
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