“You Have To Be Humble”

Lag 19' ART major 👁👅👁 ✦ Art Trades: Closed ✦ Commissions: C L O S E D ✦ Ded inside #baka_ocs #baka_adopts (☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎

Spare coochie ma’am ,’:^) What memes can you see my ocs doing 👀👀👀 I’ll do a couple of them during class or something LOL #baka_ocs
🎀 S O L D @gushiislushii 🎀 New adopt up! I made this one ASAP because it’s a redraw of one I want to get rid of. I have change the design of this character a little bit, but there’s 2 more pieces of art of her. There’s a reference sheet and a chibi~ #baka_adopts #doodle #adopt #adoptable #resell #selloc #ocforsale
Hi I’m in artblock and I feel like shit because I can’t draw anything I like and I’m stressed about college. Good day idk if I’ll be on Instagram for a couple days. Have some trash Send help #baka_ocs
Chibi headshot commission sample! Fanart of #bastett so YEET. Will be opening these soon, possibly sometime in November!!! Feel free to comment if you’d like to be put on a wait list. They will be $15-$20 depending on the complexity~ #baka_commissions #unisonleague #unison #unisonfanart #monsterfanart
This character belongs to Myth from Unison League Amino Working on some new digital chibi commission samples for people in Unison League. School is LITTY titty enough where I can squeeze mah fat ass some time to do stuff like this on my lunch period. Will be continuing traditional commissions during Saturday and Sunday ✌️✌️✌️ #baka_commissions #digital #medibang #unisonleague
Oh man I’m getting my groove back into digital. I did a drawing of Kryot from Unison League! I’ve been playing it on my free time here and there for less than a week and I’m hooked. There’s such a hug Thank e art community and the character designs are amazing! Bless @xsilverlight for hooking me up LOL. I’ve been working on this while I was packing in between as a break. Kept me sane 😭😭😭 I hope you guys don’t mind me drawing some fanart here and there ahhh. Feel free to add me on unison league as well!!! #doodle #kawaii #digital #medibang #kroyt #unisonleague #ul #unison #fanart
OH WOW. Look at me some decent ‘art’. Jk I’m trash its dry bones with that PRINCESS CROWN. Give me your spiciest, and your hottest BONE JOKE. LETS MAKE THIS COMMENTS SPICEY AFF 🍖 #bowsette #drybones #boosette #drybone #bonesette
Ey look it’s like some decent art. It’s art for my class. We have to do a bunch of independent series so I’m planning to use the opportunity to draw all my ocs, which is LITTY TITTY. If you didn’t know Oscar was in a fire accident searing a chunk of his body, and to repair his damaged soul, he had to fuse with others to stay alive. Although it saved him, there’s different personas and parts of him manifested in one person. It’s similar to multiple personality disorder. Usually Oscar is his usual self but if he’s put into certain situations, some of his alternate personalities come out more than others. I HOPE THIS DOESNT BURN YA EYES MWAHAHHA #baka_ocs
AHHh look at the SMOLS. I doodled my bean and @skyunithewhale ‘s bean because sky is absolutely such a sweetie bean and so funny I just- waw bro I CACKLED. Plz follow her and support her, she’s going through of a bit of a rough patch with a couple there artists that just- are super immature and vengeful LOL. I wanted to throw some salt and have our beans sippin that tea OOPS LOL. Enjoy ;D #baka_ocs #doodle #kawaii #adorable #chibi #chibidoodle #fanart
Finished chibi commission for the amazing @nonsensereality !! Thank you everyone for being so patient with me and not posting everyday~ I’ve been trying to compile all my sketches together but eh it doesn’t look too great so I’m not posting em. I have an interview for a college program next week so I’m so nervous ;///;)/ I HOPE THEY DONT JUDGE MY WEEBY ART TOO MUCH ahHHHHH #baka_commissions #doodle #chibi #chibicommission #copic #marker #toomanymikaskioko #toomanymikasocs
Finished chibi commission for @bunnibiscuit ;7;)/// thank you for always supporting me ahh!! I hope I did your bby justice~ she was so adorable and I don’t usually use the color green BUT ITS ALL GOOD CUZ IT LOOKS GR8 ANYWAY MWAHAHHA. Update on me: college stuff is coming and I want to die. That’s bout it lol. I finished my college essay faster than I expected which is gr8. I might have to work on portfolio stuff which means realism BLAH. That sucks my ass #baka_commissions #commission #chibicommission #copic #marker #chibi #washi #kawaii
NYOHOHO. THIS BEAUTIFUL BABE IS OWNED BY @reaperscall21 . Worked on this commission all last night and I love all the details. I think my hard work payed off ;7;)// I also loveeee the wings because I never color wings and they be lookin REAL SPICEY. School has been kickin mah ass especially with college applications around the corner HAHAHHAHA end me. I’m only working on commissions during the weekend of when I have a break so ye sorry for being so slow I’m trying to push out at least 2 commissions every Sunday. ;7;)// #baka_commissions #commission #chibicommission #copic #copicmarkers
I made #westandbysky because I wanted to prove a point. Even if you have a similar color pallet, or similar features it doesn’t mean another person is copying your oc. When something is universally available like colors or animal features, it’s not something that can be ‘copied’ from someone else. If that happened, no would be able to make ocs. Everything comes from something else, especially in this day and age where art and other creators are able to reach other artists and find inspiration easily. On the 2nd slide, it shows more characters other people have made, with the same concept: blonde/light hair with deer horns. Even if all of them look similar in a certain sense, all of them are fundamentally different characters. The way they’re drawn, their features, clothing, demeanor, etc. looking at that, I would have no right to go and call out any of these people out saying ‘you’re copying my oc because of the hair and horns’ because that’s just plain arrogance thinking you own those features. This is why a lot of starting artists or young artists are scared of creating characters, or at least in my case. When I was starting out I was scared to make a character for the sheer fact that it might look similar to someone else’s even though I’ve never seen or met another person that did have a similar character to mine. And then they are found, instead of talking it out in the DMs or waiting to not jump to conclusions, some people choose to go and witch hunt, attack, berate, and put down others for just drawing a character that wouldn’t look remotely like the ‘original’. So yeah this is for @skyunithewhale , it was something to support her and bring attention to her beautiful art~ so please follow her! She’s such a sweet person and someone that’s super easy to talk to, even when she’s busy she makes an effort to respond which I really appreciate~ 💖💖💖 I hope you guys will agree with me, or not, you’re free to express your opinions in the comment section below~ thank you all the artists that let me feature their art! All the artists are tagged but I’ll mention them here too~ @molktae @nonsensereality @llamaboxx @momo.exe.has.stopped.working #baka_ocs
HENLO I heard you wanted that spicey skin coloring tutorial. SO HERE YA GO. Welcome to Chile’s. Feel free to request more tutorials if u wanna but ye enjoy my good beans. #copic #tutorial #coloringtutorial #copictutorial #marker #markertutorial #coloring
Hello everyone! I was sponsored by the app @magicposer to create an image using their app. It’s amazing app to pose if you don’t have the funds to buy a posing doll. It’s preferable to use a medium with a bigger screen since there’s a lot more mechanics and little icons, but once you get used to it, it’s very easy to use. There’s tons of little props and hand options to choose from, as well as lighting choices, body type choices, and setting choices. I personally had a great time experimenting and looking through poses, and I’m sure you will to~ download the app and check it out! #baka_ocs #ad #magicposer #copics #markers
GETTIN THAT SPICEY COLORING DONE YALLS. This is a commission for @spinxell !! I hope you like it~ also! If you guys have the free time, can you make an oc with blonde hair and deer horns? It’s just to show that even with these 2 qualities, there is still a lot of diversity within creating characters and no one owns that combination or characteristics. Tag it to #westandbysky and you’ll get featured and a shoutout from me by the end of the week! But it’s optional it’s up to you~ anyway, I hope your day is ok! I came back home earlier than expected and I’m working on a bunch of different things, I’m coloring commisisons I lined before Hong Kong and a creating artwork for my first sponsorship as well as working on new original artwork of my characters like Oscar so that’s exciting! How is your week going? Hows the first day of school? I’m interested >:3 #baka_commissions #commission #copics #chibicommission
NYOHOHOH. A custom oc commission for sweet bby @wover2 !!! I hope you love him as much as me I love this piece so much omg ;//;)/ ALSO YALLS I GOT UN-SHADOWBANNED. ALL MY STUFF SHOWS ON THE HASHTAGS NOW IM LIVING AHH 😭😭😭😭 it’s been a good 3 weeks since my tags have been working I feel alive. I DONT HAVE TO MOVE ACCOUNT YIGGITY. But aside that, have some- decent art for once LOL #baka_commissions #baka_adopts #commission #customoc #customadopt #washitape #sticker
HENLO is me, here’s my son. His name will now be Elliot names by @kaeotical ;7;)/ thank you so much for naming my baby ahh 💖💖💖💖 #baka_ocs
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