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Lag 19' ART major 👁👅👁 ✦ Art Trades: Closed ✦ Commissions: C L O S E D ✦ Ded inside #baka_ocs #baka_adopts (☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎

Chibi commission for @toritheartist !! I hope you love this as much as I do! Yee haw going into finals week tomorrow YAYYY. Wish me luck y’all 😭😭😭 #baka_commissions #copic #copiccommission #chibicommission #sasucchi_support
Commission done for @diamaterasu !!! Sorry for the delay. I’ve been chipping away at all my commissions :,) I was planning to work on college apps and Commissions during the regents break BUT OUR DOODOO PRINCIPLE WAS LIKE ‘NAH YALLS AINT GETTING A REGENTS WEEK BYE’ istg I want to PERISH HAHA #baka_commissions
So- I really don’t have shit to post except for crappy ball point pen doodles. O yeah enjoy :,) I’ll probably still be dead until February because COLLEGE DEADLINES HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH lemme perish. Also please enjoy this kPop man named KyuBok So~ #baka_ocs
A doodle of this new Adopt I snatched from @matizia_009 !!! Thank you so much for letting me buy him~ please name him! If I pick your name, I will do a story shoutout! #baka_ocs
Sketch of a Steven universe screencap with Blue Diamond. Anyone out there watch Steven universe? What’s your opinion on the new episode??? #stevenuniverse #su #bluediamond #diamonddays
Hey! It’s been around a week since I’ve been here. I’ve been focused on myself during this break, recovering from my sickness :,) and then hanging out and being more social. Idk maybe because it’s the holidays that I feel like trash, but it’s all good. This made me feel so much better, especially talking to @galyrexius my beautiful bean bag. LOL if you guys don’t follow her I will destroy your pinky toe. We’ve known each other for 6-7 years which is wild LOLOLOL. Many more years to come! #baka_ocs #medibang #doodle #kawaii #beforeandafter
If you think I have hobbies or dignity you’re wrong on so many different levels #baka_ocs #pokemon #teamrocket
A little digital eye coloring tutorial! This is how I do eyes, I’ve been starting to do more ‘digital painting’ and I find it so fun. Idk lineart stresses me out with digital art urr. I hope you’re able to find some use out of this! #tutorial #coloringtutorial #digitaltutorial
2/5 semi-chibi sketch commission for @lullabiyes I hope you love it as much as I do! I’m crunching these out like a Mf 😤😤😤😤 #baka_commissions
Commission for @koukiis !! Thank you so much for commissioning me THIS BEAST OF A BABE 💖💖💖💖😭😭😭 plz enjoy the eye burns #baka_commissions
Aight so here’s a repost and the full finished pic YEETIES. #baka_ocs sorry for reposting Urrr
RWCOUCBEQPI I still haven’t decided a name for him but here’s his ADORABLE REDESIGN!! #baka_ocs
I just finished this abomination for my class. It took so long to render ffs. I hope you enjoy this boyo. He’s Oscar’s bunny. He’s usually in this heavy dream state so ye. PLEASE SUGGEST NAMES FOR HIM AHH #baka_ocs
Furry commission for @yakiq finally found some down time at home to finish this one up! Thank you so much for always supporting me bby~ ily to bits. #baka_commissions #commission #copicconmission #furrycommission #furry #copic
⚠️OTA CLOSED ⚠️ Some more adopts I did while I was out yesterday! I also had a sub for one of my classes SO HERE WE GO AGAIN! Feel free to offer art or money, or whatever you want Thor an adopt of your choosing. Please reply to the comment designated for each adopt as well! ⚠️ Autumn Squirrel: SOLD @jacqui614 ⚠️ ⚠️Cotton Candy Dragon: SOLD @Misoshriuuu ⚠️ ⚠️ Foxy Performer : SOLD @molktae ⚠️ #baka_adopts #adoptables #adopts #ocadopt #artadopt #kawaii #chibi
OOFIE. Another doodle fusion! God I love doing these LOL. Bless that I got a chunk done in the 4 HOURS OF WAITING IN THE DAMNED DOCTORS OFFICE YESTERDAY. I hate the doctors office because it’s so slow, and the one I go to is full of screaming spoiled kids. Lowkey was ready to bodyslam them LOL. But yeah! This bean is a fusion with my lavender, and @ai_rinnu ‘s moth bby Fuwa!!! I hope you like it AHH. Btw tell me if u wanna co-own this fusion with me KEKEKE #baka_ocs #ocfusion
⚠️ OTA CLOSED ⚠️ Wassup y’all Black Friday kicked me in the ass so this fool needs some COIN back into her account. These are some beans I just made! So feel free to offer for them. I have comments for each adopt where you can reply to~ ⚠️ Retro Neko: SOLD ⚠️ @asininetwins ⚠️ Rabid Hound: SOLD ⚠️ @asininetwins ⚠️ Starry Wolf : SOLD ⚠️ @asininetwins #baka_adopts #adoptable #ocadopt #ota #offertoadopt
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