Yogis turned tourists
Cousin game strong af
Dream big boyz
“Let’s see your moves”
The mistress @phoe._bae
follow with caution
And we keep swiping right this semester! Join me 🔥 @tinder #TinderU #Tinder_Ambassador
To be young and in love in New York City
@sallypbaker offered to double my friendship fee if I posted something nice for ur bday so here I go 🙄 Love to hate you; couldn’t live without you ❤️ #22
Skiing is still some white people shit 🤪
Looking for @guskenworthy
iPad don’t lie
What sunbathing in January looks like
Sake covered sparkly turtlenecks are in. Didn’t ya know?
Sugar n spice
Looked cute. Might delete l8r! 🤪
King of the Castle
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