i just love when people come to me for relationship advice and i help them out like mkay lemme be a therapist then 😘
my mom friend was so kind to bring me Chick-fil-A was mad geeked when she did i appreciate her friend so much bro 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
my nazzy naz naz wanted to give you a post bc i appreciate ya goofy self a lot you dead mean a lot to mean and i ain never wanna lose your ass and thats period 😙! you are one true good friend and dats why i love bout u cause you a bomb ass girl gag, even tho i hate when you try show me ur snake when u try creep the shit outta me ima always have hella love for your headass ahaky bae muah 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩💓💗💖💘 thru thick & thin sistaboo 💞
somebody gotta collect @m6gos always tryin claim peoples man like bitch your just an obsessed groupie
happy birthday to these rude ass bitches i deadass got sm love for yall even tho i barely reply to you guys still always gonna be here wit you cause yk i love yall! my twin girls are turnin “6” today and they growin up so fast proud of you guys hope you bums have a good ass bday today dont let nobody ruin yall special day today muah i love you 💘💞💖💓💕💗😘!!
why do people think im mean? im obviously nice to everyone everyday ya hurd damn
i really wanna go to tha movies wit my frands to watch tha incredibles 2 since it came out today 🤩
lmaojskslw i cant wait till my asian baby turns 16 her bday takes foreva to come yo, her ass is growing up on me .
i deadass want some Chick-fil-A if i ask my brother to buy me some he gonna say no to me 😔
my best friend is super sexy ain never gonna replace her gay self for other girls always goin to be the loml, muah i love u i even if you mad aggy or wateva 💘💓
ready to drop jasmina asian lul ass and find a new best friend mane 😙
tiana sent sum pics of her self and lemme tell you how i was drooling on her shit like yall dont understand how mf sesy she is 😍