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Baba & I... (Or, where stories come from...) My earliest memory of storytelling begins with my father telling me tales of Indian Gods and Goddesses... Shiva and Durga and Vishnu and Ganesh and Kali ! He was a passionate teller and the child-me passionately fell in love with our own mythology... Who knew that the impressions made then would come back a full circle... to form the inspiration of this amazing journey myself (and my team) finds ourselves on, today... 💥💥💥 #brahmastra #teammember1 #thingsaddup
the best of the best ! 💥 #inspiration #favoritethings #brahmastra
happy birthday 🎈 #brahmastra
Writing... The most essential, the most important, the most hard, the most painful, the most satisfying, the most everything ! This is my modest writing spot in my house where all my films were born. I started writing Brahmāstra 8 years ago, have grown and evolved and aged through the process, and still, the writing never stops... 💥 #brahmastra #writerslife #evolving #8yearsandcounting
and then, there were 3... from our vfx studio in london, way back in 2016. these were early days on this movie. alia was the new force in our creative life... the brief was simple... ranbir and alia needed to work as one unit and that relationship was more important than their individual characters because at it’s heart, our movie is... a love story... There has been a lot of love since then ❣️ After all, Love is Brahmāstra’s guiding Light💥 #brahmastra #lovestory
Director & Actress. Alia. Sunshine and Starlight ! Fire, but also Wind and always Water... I met Alia when she was 18 and almost instantly she bombed her way into my life and my movies and my soul. Today, she’s not so little anymore and bombing us with too much beauty in Kalank’s beautiful trailer which dropped earlier... More on my journey (flying to the stars) with Alia over the next few... 💥💥💥 #brahmastra #ishadiaries #littleone
Music... The most special of all the forces of film-making ! There are no words to describe the absolutely magical unique journey of collaborating with Pritam aka DADA, so expect many posts here on the subject... : For now, here’s a snippet of the Logo Music process... ❣️ #brahmastra #musicdiaries #pritamlove @ipritamofficial @karanjohar @amitabhbachchan @aliaabhatt
Rumi. First, he was Rumi. Rumi with long hair. This image is from an early look test for the movie. Rumi said, ‘Love is the bridge between you and everything...’, and that feeling is the foundation we started building the protagonist of this movie on... But then, there was new inspiration, newer thoughts... Dragon became Brahmāstra, we gave Ranbir a haircut, and Rumi became... Shiva. #brahmastra #shivadiaries #memories #creativeprocess #evolving
A favourite quote from a favourite book. The feeling of this book was one of the starting points for building the protagonist in Brahmāstra... Because the Little Prince lives from his heart, in earlier days, Ranbir’s character was named after another icon of love and soul... Rumi. #brahmastra #shivadiaries
Director & Actor. Ranbir - The absolute first person to have heard about Brahmāstra and the first to have jumped on for the ride ! On a writing trip for Yeh Jawaani in May 2011, is where the idea was born... and Ranbir was my very first phone call. There is so much to share about B.āstra, but it is fitting that the first team member this Insta journey touches upon is... Ranbir aka Shiva aka Rumi aka Artist aka Soldier ! More over the next few... #brahmastra #shivadiaries
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