Today was one of the most inspiring days of my life. We visited Kutupalong Balukhali also knows as “Mega Camp.” Mega Camp is comprised of 656,500 refugees. Yup. That number is real. We got to visit one of the “Child Friendly” spaces within the camp that acts as a safe haven for children amongst the chaos. Just one of the hundreds of incredible programs @unicef and @unicefbangladesh make happen. I GOT TO CREATE WITH ALL MY LITTLE FRIENDS!!! Some of them held crayons for the first time in their lives upon arriving here. Children have a way of being so rawly matter of fact. With the only instruction being to draw their journey here, their first drawings at the camp included bombs, boats, helicopters and blood, amongst other scenes. Today, some of them have been here for months, some for a year, and they are now drawing flowers (lots of em), sunshine, trees, and birds. Crazy to watch kids heal themselves through art. I am honored to have had the chance to learn and connect with them through our love for creation, for even a moment. THEY ARE THE BEST!!!!!! @unicefusa @unicefbangladesh #childrenuprooted
today was the @unicefusa teams first day in the fields of Jamtoli, Cox’s Bazar, the largest refugee camp in the world. The crises began when violence erupted in the Rakhine State of Myanmar in 2017, targeting the Rohingya people, leaving them no choice but to flee to Bangladesh for safety, and thus beginning one of the fastest growing humanitarian crises in the world. The camp we visited today, one of the smaller refugee camps, houses approximately 45,000 people. Today I saw unfathomable suffering. But I also saw something in between the cracks of suffering. I saw hope. I saw smiles. I saw young women eager to learn. I saw older women eager to change things for their children’s future. I saw women of this refugee camp confiding in each other for the first time in their lives. I saw SISTERHOOD. And that is a start. A massive one. Thank for you for today @unicefusa @unicefbangladesh #childrenuprooted
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no time for silence. this is not a hypothetical scenario, this is real. make the calls go to the websites write the email. Use instagram for something useful. stop this nightmare. Txt OMG TO 644-33 #stopdownloadableguns
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@paddle8 @venicefamilyclinic ... Les Fleurs Du Mal, 2018
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saying goodbye to this painting today, usually I do not care but this one did something for me... Hasselblad madness by @gwenoneil
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