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hey it’s audiosinsta! im super happy to be back❤️thank you again to @cruisingaudios for posting for me while i was away
favorite vacation you’ve ever been on? -@cruisingaudios
captions are the hardest part of these posts i swear -@cruisingaudios
how soon does school start for everyone? -@cruisingaudios
what’s your favorite tv show? -@cruisingaudios
how is it almost august wtf -@cruisingaudios
happy friday lol i had to check my calendar to make sure it was actually friday bc idk what day it is anymore -@cruisingaudios
wow i really love billie -@cruisingaudios
hey guys! im gonna be away for a few weeks so @cruisingaudios will be looking after my account and posting audios for me while im gone📀⭐️
tell me the craziest dream youve ever had i wanna hear
this song gives me chills
what time do you wake up in the mornings?🌻
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