Asterin Blackbeak™

Second in command of the thirteen and cousin to the terrifying Manon Blackbeak.

Looking for my forgotten dreams...
Just finished this years tree, thoughts? #unboundyulemas
Spending sometime in the Southern Continent, I had just spotted my next meal in this pic.
My face after seeing @itsmanonblackbeak new post...
What happened, where are my sisters?
Throwback to my halloween costume from 50 years ago❤️
Final costume!! #unboundspookfest
Glittery Goddess #unboundspookfest
Perfect in pink
Didn't see you there...
If gingers are kissed by fire, are blondes kissed by the sun? I think we might be.
Does anyone remember who took this photo? Because I certainly don't.
Heading out to the country for a bit...
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