Assaad Yacoub

Directed a feature film starring many fan favorite queens. #cherrypop out on Netflix worldwide. Check out my other work on my website ⬇️

Happy birthday @emilieguilbaud this weekend is off to a great start
Hi my name is Assaad Yacoub and I’m a BLOGGER 😆😆😆. Thanks for the pic @kay.eight
Congratulations @pamnasr your film was excellent so proud of you #clamscasinomovie
Tonight was amazing I’m such a proud friend @shihabidina is a superstar love u boo
So proud of this one @shihabidina at the @amazonprimevideo Emmy party
This weekend was so much fun rollerblading by the beach 🏖
Rollerblade squad
Go go power rangers Thanks for the pic @meerkatconstellations
In between sets we go on rides @ajathekween @tyturkful
Roller coasters before the show @ajathekween @tyturkful
Love directing @ajathekween can’t wait for you all to see her new music video
Another music video completed with the one and only @ajathekween A.K.A. Aha @itsderekrich
Just living her best life
Hahahahaha @ckfrem remember our ball boy days we were so cool 😎
Thank you @original_kengsta for the bday gifts Sasha loves the pillows
The fact that we are all still friends and this photo exists proves how strong our friendship is lol @shivaniparihar @ckfrem @gingersnapsbs
Fun #bts shot on the set of @tatiannagram new music video #CYA
On set of @theonlyalaska5000 and @handsomejeremy777 music video #aliens
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