A S H Q B O Y🇹🇿

Swimming time 💧
When you see something you like 👅
B a l a n c i a g a V`s A i r F o r c e
B**tch Just Call My Phone Don't Fell Like Textinq 9188909 📞
I love the fresh Juice, Customer service, and the Environment, an Excellent place to go while In MOSHI @kiepepoint 🍹
I'm chillin, but my swag on full attack 💉
If I die today, it'd be a holiday 👽 #gentlemenpreferblondes ⌚👔
Happy Birthday Boss @jacklineruby 👑
Today Is really a good day Happy birthday my other Niqqer @jabby_ink 👑 God bless you always Hommie _ HBD @jabby_ink
Yes today Is My Birthday Therefore I will be Treated like KING 👑 HAPPY BORN DAY MYSELF 🔥 #happybirthdaytome #birthdayboy 13/03
I cut my long hair 💇 wait for my #newlook with my blood friend @loveness
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