Ashley McKeachie

Yoga Therapist, MA Yoga Studies, Faculty at Orange Coast College. If you are interested in the OCC Yoga TT Program, email !

Fun at the San Diego Zoo with my man and my girl Megan Mack!
It is time to take that next step into a 300-hour yoga teacher training program! Join myself and the senior teachers at Spectra Yoga into a three part series of MIND BODY SPIRIT! This is optimal for teachers who are 200-hour certified and want to take the next step into their personal and professional development. We start in September! #spectrayoga #300hourteachertraining #patanjali
Amazing time at the #ocyogafestival ! Fantastic energy downtown in HB! Thanks to everyone that came to take my class!
Buy your tickets today to the #ocyogafestival on Saturday July 28th! I’ll be teaching a gentle flow at 9am in the Shorebreak Hotel with special attention to increasing abundance in your life through breath work, mantra, and meditation! Shout out to my photographer #crisantosantaana for making me feel radiant! #lakshmi #riseyogahb #orangecoastcollege #huntingtonbeach #tantra
Such an emotional and memorable last two days with Christopher Wallis #hareeshwallis at the #temeculayogacollective with my Masters Yoga bestie Megan Mack. The teachings I received about the mind, and especially how to shift my perspective about my thoughts were priceless. I have already started practicing by softening my approach to myself, recognizing the blessings that exist all around me and within me, and practicing gratitude for how everything was aligned for me to begin my Tantra yoga journey. OM. 🙏
Just got back from my first night of Tantra Yoga with Christopher Wallis at the Temecula Yoga Collective. Tomorrow is 6 hours with this incredible scholar-author-practitioner and just being in his presence is truly an experience. We chanted together in a group of about 20 Yogis and the vibration was truly expansive!
Mackinac Island 6/7/11 Happy Anniversary to us!
11 years together with my amazing husband, Ryan McKeachie. Today is our 7th wedding anniversary. We were married on Mackinac Island in Michigan with 13 people in attendance, and it was absolutely perfect. I have no doubt that we will be celebrating many more years together. Love you Ryan McKeachie!
Old World fun!
Lunch with this chicken, and these dudes and chicks! Shout out to @aercripe who doesn’t work on Saturdays!!
Way to go OCC Yoga Teacher Trainers! Everyone is done teaching and exceeded my expectations! Just one more week left! So proud of these diverse and special Yogis!
Congratulations to these Orange Coast College Yoga Teacher Trainers!!! They taught a 70 minute vinyasa flow tonight and totally exceeded my expectations! They ROCKED IT! @orangecoastcollege #occyogatt #yoga #newyogateachers #proudyogamamma
Starting Thursday, June 15th, I will be teaching in the Rise Yoga HB Yoga Teacher Training program! This is a fantastic experience and is meant for those of you who want to learn more about yoga and how it can improve your quality of life! Join myself, Kat, Matt, Garrett, and Christelle for a life changing summer! #riseyogahb #yoga #yogateachertraining #huntingtonbeach #elevate #meditation #itstimetoyoga
Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, sister, and mom-in-law! I am so lucky to have powerful goddesses in my life!
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