Ashley Benson

2017 📸 @izakr
📸 @keeoone
Merry Christmas ya filthy animal
Waiting for my food
Not sure how to give back this year? Download @tiktok and help me give to They’re collecting and distributing essentials bags for homeless youth across America who need some extra love this season. Do you. Do good. #TikTok #CreateForACause #ad #brandsponsor
Hello. This is me. I’m drinking a Diet Coke. Because it always seems to make me feel better when I’m tired. Also, it makes me feel very professional when I’m directing. This is not an #ad . Are you enjoying your Monday? Please tell me what you’re having for lunch, as I’m about to have lunch myself. Side note, I love 🍞. I haven’t met anyone who hasn’t. I’m about to have some eggs for lunch though. Gotta make sure I get protein. This is a random paragraph of my thoughts. I hope you enjoy. Also, what’s your fave Xmas movie? Mines HOME ALONE. My fave character is Buzz. Harry & Marv are close second and third. #WetBandits . Aight talk soon ♥️ please leave a 🐽 in comments to let me know you’ve reached the end/if I should continue writing essays for you xx
Missing this guy
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