Ashley Jakubowski

sc: Ajakubowsski

I am mine, before I am yours.
Woah woah it’s 2019!!
This is to the girl who didn’t believe In herself, this is to the girl who looked for love in others instead of herself. This is for girl who almost took her life but lived. This is for the girl who lost everything she loved. This is for the girl who was raped at the age of 16, on September 15, 2018. You are worthy of love. You are strong. You are smart. You are beautiful. You are love. Most importantly you deserve the world. I want thank the people who have supported me through out the toughest year of my whole life. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here right now, and I truly mean that. 2019 is going to be the year of self-worth, and endless love!! Thank you 2018 for teaching me how to be strong and brave!! If you ever need someone! I’ll be your voice! Don’t hesitate to text or call me!
The AJ’s say Merry Christmas🤩
How I feel about 2018 coming to an end!
Badger queens🦡👑❤️
My foreign sister🖤 I’m going to miss you everyday for the next 5 months! Love you like crazy🖤🖤
I’m in love with the sun
I’ll be my own hero.
Much love for my girl Nadz❤️
The eyes tell more than words could ever say
North took a fat L but I’m I’m still winning with these girls🤩
All that you are is all that I’ll ever need
Congrats to my gorgeous sister on graduating today! I’m so proud to be your sister and I can’t wait to see what you do next in life! Love ya💗
Happy 16th birthday to my bestie❤️ thanks for always being there for me, and making me laugh when I’m sad. You truly have been a blessing in my life! I’m going to miss you sitting next to me in my PT from now on:( but you will have your own car and drive me around now😋 love you so so so so much jas❤️❤️❤️
Thanks for being my bestie💗
Today 16 year’s ago a legend was born into this world and changed my life forever! Happy Birthday to my soulmate, other half, and most importantly my best friend!!! You make me smile no matter what and every time I see you my day gets better! I can’t wait for you to drive me around!! So crack a La Croix for me and have the best day ever!! Love you to the moon and back💖🦀🦕🐖(Not pictured: A bottle of @corona )
Life, I love you:)
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