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Founded over 60 years ago, @longbeachseafood has earned its pristine reputation for creating the wildly popular black pepper crab recipe. Constantly attracting local praise and hungry travelers, the restaurant's dish is often imitated. #TasteOfASEAN Photo Credit: Instagram 📸 @Chindori
Well-known by Singaporeans, Founder Bak Kut Teh has been serving their tasty “Rou Gu Cha” for over 40 years, refining and perfecting it, even to this day. Founder Chua Chwee Whatt set out on a mission to create a quality dish using only the freshest, meatiest pork ribs, stewed in a complex herbal broth. You can try to figure out the recipe for yourself, but we recommend the restaurant visit instead! #TasteOfASEAN Photo Credit: IG 📸 @founderbkt
Take a break from hawker stalls and go for luxe at one Michelin star restaurant @restaurantlabyrinth. Labyrinth is located in the heart of Singapore. It blends traditional and modern styles with western influences to make uncompromisingly delicious dishes. #TasteOfASEAN
Food holds an important place in local Singapore, with locals often asking “have you eaten” as a form of greeting. Food debates are a frequent occurrence, as locals discuss what, where, and when to chow down. Instead of asking, we'll show you! #TasteOfASEAN
Want to learn how to make Nasi Lemak? Combine coconut milk with lemongrass, ginger and rice to create a beautifully fragrant rice. To devise the accompanying spicy sauce called sambal, heat up onion, garlic, shrimp paste, chili paste and anchovies until they form a paste. Plate them together, add a fried egg, then garnish with peanuts and cucumber! Voila! 🍳 #TasteOfASEAN
One part tech businessman, one part culinary veteran, Chef Hj Mus Muhammad is a Bruneian chef that has won multiple awards for his culinary skills. After helping to create several Bruneian restaurants, his signature dishes now grace the menu of Brunei's popular Happy Tummy! #TasteofASEAN Photo Credit: Biz Brunei
SDK restaurant might just be one of your next hidden gems to discover in Brunei's dining scene. Locals love to share their passion for the restaurant's signature item, nasi katok. The dish consists of plain rice, fried chicken and a sambal, and a spicy sauce that brings it all together. It's must-try during your stay. #TasteOfASEAN
There are plenty of incredible foods throughout Brunei and the best options can be found just north of the city center. Take a trip to Jalan Gadong and visit well-known local Kopitiam (café) Chop Jing Chew. @jingchew1946 was founded by Han King in 1946 and maintains a celebrity-level popularity with locals and foreigners alike. Photo Credit: Instagram 📸 @nadjfatsso
As you can see from this picture alone, Namaaz Dining is Andrian Ishak's must-visit restaurant. We won't spoil the delicious discovery in each of the restaurant's 17-courses on the prix fixe menu. You'll have to visit to taste and experience it for yourself. 😉 #TasteOfASEAN Photo Credit 📸 @gak.sengaja.gendut
@andrianishak is famed as the Heston Blumenthal of Indonesia. With a few culinary awards already under his belt, the self-taught Indonesian chef is a culinary innovator with a vision for his craft. Ishak's technique combines authentic Indonesian flavors, art, culture and molecular gastronomy – delivering an exciting culinary journey born from his Indonesian heritage. #TasteOfASEAN Photo Credit: Instagram 📸 @andrianishak
@kaum_jakarta 's mission is to source local ingredients and produce indigenous dishes using only traditional Indonesian cooking techniques. The restaurant's menu features a wide variety of Indonesia's flavor without traveling far to discover it, like these dishes from Morotai Island! #TasteOfASEAN 🐟 Photo Credit 📸 @kaum_jakarta
Larry J. Cruz founded Bistro Remedios in 1984, highlighting Filipino dishes from different regions of the country. Cruz aimed to create food that appealed to native and foreign palates. It worked! Today, their no-frills approach on traditional cooking has captured the love of diners near and far. Try their Binusog Na Pusit (stuffed grilled squid) or their butterflied fish fry, Binukadkad Na Isda! Photo Credit: @thehungryemployee
Romulo Café is named after Carlos P. Romulo, the first Asian president of the United Nations General Assembly. Recently, the ASEAN restaurant opened a third location in London, UK! #TasteOfASEAN Photo Credit: Instagram @romulocafeph
Chef Claude Tayag is one of the Philippines' most famous food experts and restaurateurs. He hosts his own hit TV-show, Chasing Flavors, but if you'd like to taste his prowess for yourself, stop by Bale Dutung in the Noodle District! Photo Credit: Instagram 📸 @chasingflavorsph #TasteOfASEAN
The Philippines is known to be the fifth largest English-speaking nation in the world, making it especially easy to travel to for Western vacationers. It also makes it pretty easy to order food! Pull up a chair and enjoy a sweet Filipino welcoming with some halo-halo! #TasteOfASEAN
ASEAN Meets Japan! 🗺️ Visitors of all ages at Tokyo's Tourism EXPO Japan had a chance to explore their own miniature ASEAN adventure right from the show floor. Join us again at the Okinawa Tabi Festa, November 23-24! Maybe we'll see you in ASEAN soon after! ✈️ . . #aseanjapancentre @aseanjapancentre
Happy Deepavali! Malaysia's Deepavali Festival will take place on November 6th this year, and is celebrated throughout Malaysia. The Festival of Lights symbolises the triumph of good over evil when, according to one legend, Lord Krishna defeated the evil King Narakasura.
We've been all over the history of ASEAN's dishes, but it's the people today that truly make each dish as creative and delicious as ever. From mom-and-pops to celebrated chefs, follow us as we discover the stories, restaurants, and recipes throughout ASEAN. #TasteOfASEAN
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