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Flurry filled days await in Finland, but #MeanwhileInASEAN , adventures await! Boracay is a mixed bag of adventures for beach lovers and explorers alike. Shed the winter jacket and explore mangrove jungles and watersports instead!
Paddle away in Palawan, instead of in the cold of Colorado. Layers of adventure in the Philippines are a lot better than layers of sweaters and scarves! #MeanwhileInASEAN
Were you lucky enough to catch the Sinulog Festival in Cebu? Share your experience with #MeanwhileInASEAN ! The event draws over two million people for a to celebration in January, filling the streets with warmth, music, colorful costumes, and dancing. Elsewhere, you might have to wait for spring for festivals to bloom.
Want to continue your holiday season celebrations through the New Year? See Nyepi, where mâché monsters called ogah-ogah parade through the city, which attract negative spirits. The figures are later destroyed to purify the land! #MeanwhileInASEAN Photo credit: IG 📸 @bali_spirit
Would you rather head to Bali for Nyepi around the 7th-8th of March for their unforgettable full ‘day of silence’ or would you rather hike in blistering cold? Leave a comment below! #MeanwhileInASEAN
Who wants to wear more layers while releasing stress or working out? Just take a look at what people are doing in Indonesia during the cold winter months! #MeanwhileInASEAN Photo #1 Credit: @InsideYoga
While festival spaces face rain days in the West, the concert season in ASEAN is just heating up. The Java Jazz Fest has been electrifying the stage since 2015, and will be celebrated this March in Indonesia! #MeanwhileInASEAN Photo Credit: 📸 @kamera_rusak24
Skip fears of frostbite, and find a vista that'll keep your body warm and your adventures cool. Photo #1 : @tahtasa
If the beach isn't an option where you are, ASEAN welcomes you instead! Koh Samui's crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches are calling us. #MeanwhileInASEAN
While your streets and flowers are probably resting under a few inches of frost, Chiang Mai's Flower Festival is blooming! #MeanwhileInASEAN
Mountain climbing and hiking, or beachside relaxing? You usually have to pick one or the other on vacation, but here in Krabi, Thailand, you can get the full package. #MeanwhileInASEAN
You won't have to bundle up or travel out of town to find new trails in Laos! Kayaking is available through the scenic Nam Song River, so keep the flip-flops handy and your right-hand rower close. #MeanwhileInASEAN
When nature freezes over the winter, exploring becomes slightly less appealing. Luckily, there's always Laos providing lush regions like Kuang Si Waterfall. #MeanwhileInASEAN
The holiday ornaments have faded from the streets elsewhere, but Laos is only getting started. Vat Phou in Southern Laos holds an annual 3-day festival in mid-February involving native rituals and Laotian ceremonies. All visitors are welcome to the UNESCO world heritage site to celebrate with food, drink, music and customary entertainment! #MeanwhileInASEAN Photo #1 Credit: @joyfull_delights
While western mountains are often snow capped and slippery right now, we're enjoying a lush jungle jaunt in Laos! Ditch the winter boots and let's take a fresh, warm hike! #MeanwhileinASEAN
Halong Bay generally translates into ‘where the dragon descends into the sea‘. Legend has it that gods sent dragons to the region, who dropped jewels and jade into the bay to create the beautiful islands we know today. #MeanwhileInASEAN #ATF2019
Just take a look at this view. With nearly 2000 islands, here’s to starting your own unofficial map-charting expedition to name as many as you can for yourself! See how many you can name in our comments. #MeanwhileInASEAN #ATF2019 (📸🎥: Daniel Nelson YouTube)
Halong Bay was named as a World Heritage Site by @UNESCO in 1994, and as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature by public polling in 2012. Can you guess why? It’s no wonder why we are hosting our #ATF2019 in Ha Long City to welcome the #ASEANPowerofOne message #MeanwhileInASEAN #ATF2019
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