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These are my available sketch covers and remarked books. Most are posted on, if you see something you like shoot me a message and we'll see if we can't get it to you in time for Christmas.
Another remarked book up for grabs
#Deadpool #1 sketch cover is up for grabs along with a few others over at
Had a little Photoshop fun with my Logan sketch
Logan sketch
Added some blood and age lines to bring this one home. The client is happy so I am happy. #wolverine #oldmanlogan
On the left: Wolverine Vol.1 No.1 Mexican Foil Reprint. On the right: Same book with Old Man Logan acrylic remarks. I painted this bad boy for my buddy Jeff. Now on to the next holiday commission. #wolverine #logan #oldmanlogan #coverswipe
#throwback to my Ralphie illustration. My man @illclintonmusic owns this one #ralphie #achristmasstory #christmasstory
A few people asked for a print of my Stan Lee tee so I made one. It's available over at
Carnage triple threat! Where my Carnage heads at? Worked on these three simultaneously over the past two days. Super fun and I never get to play with Carnage so this was an amazing exercise (yes I know Carnage doesn't shoot webbing). Will be available in the shop shortly. Visit to snag one. #carnage #venom #spiderman #asm300 #VenomLethalProtector #asm316
Painted Carnage on this True Believers reprint of Amazing Spider-Man 300.
Cap #throwback
Some holiday commission teasers. If you're looking for gift ideas all original work is listed at and prints are available at #ballpointpen #sketch #commission
With warm memories and a heavy heart I am remembering my buddy Will Henley who passed away yesterday at the age of 67. Will was the publisher of EU Jacksonville (Entertaining U Newspaper), a local entertainment publication which he ran for the past 16 years. I have Will to thank for my first cover spot which was the cover of EU in August of 2016. I always appreciated Will, he had an impish spirit and was a true hustler. Always with an inspiring word and ready to showcase the work of local artists, Will was a true ambassador of the arts and will be remembered fondly.
Yoda rounds out this trio of mosaic collages. All available original work is listed at Prints are all listed at Shoot me a message if you plan to buy more than one original work and I will combine the shipping and give you a discounted rate. #starwars #yoda #darthsidious #darthmaul #darthvader
Very excited to open a package that arrived today to find this Sketchbook by my friend Rick Parker. Rick has been one of the single most supportive human beings I have known along this journey of mine called life and I am beyond grateful to have the wisdom and guidance that comes along with his friendship. Go follow his page @rickparkerart if you want to live a better life. Now leave me alone so I can go through this sketch book and soak up some inspiration!
Can't post any new commissions yet since most of them are Christmas gifts so heres a #throwback to a sketch I did of Gavin. Drop me a message if you or someone you know is interested in immortalizing a treasured photo with a ballpoint pen sketch like this.
These two collage paintings traveled to Alabama and back with me for a show only to be purchased by a collector in the northeast. The postal service accidentally rerouted them to Puerto Rico so it's safe to say these are the most well traveled paintings I've ever painted. #throwback #starwars #darthvader #kyloren #usps
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