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Art Dubai is a leading international art fair & the preeminent place to see art from the MENASA region. The 13th edition takes place 20-23 March 2019.

Art Dubai News | Lead artist for the 2019 Sheikha Manal Little Artists Program in partnership with @theculturaloffice , @SallyCurcio is best known for her creation of Bubble Sculptures. Through this year’s theme “Creating New Worlds”, Curcio invites children and teenagers to create environmentally friendly cityscapes and urban landscapes using colored beads, balls, pipe cleaners, blocks, bottle caps, and other found and recycled materials. Find out more via the link in our bio, bookings for workshops and tours will open in March. Image courtesy of @SallyCurcio #ArtDubai2019 أخبار معرض "آرت دبي" | تشتهر سالي كورسيو SallyCurcio@، المشرفة الرئيسية على نسخة عام 2019 من برنامج الشخة منال للرسامين الصغار بالتعاون مع المكتب الثقافي theculturaloffice@، بمجموعة أعمالها المميزة التي تحمل اسم "منحوتات الفقاعات". ومن خلال شعار نسخة هذا العام "ابتكار عوالم جديدة"، تدعو كورسيو الأطفال والشباب لإنشاء مجسمات للمدن وأشكال عمرانية صديقة للبيئة باستخدام الخرز الملون والكرات وأدوات تنظيف الأنابيب والأغطية الزجاجية والبلاستيكية وغيرها من المواد المعاد تدويرها. يمكنكم معرفة المزيد من المعلومات عبر رابط البايو على صفحتنا، وسيفتح باب حجوزات ورش العمل والجولات الاستكشافية خلال شهر مارس. حقوق ملكية الصورة SallyCurcio@ #آرت_دبي2019 #ArtDubai2019
Featured Artist, #ArtDubaiContemporary | @sfeirsemlergallery is back at #ArtDubai2019 with works by internationally renowned artist #Marwan , amongst others. Marwan Kassab Bachi (1934-2016) is regarded as one of the pillars of modern painting in the Middle East. Living in Berlin from 1957, Marwan’s work embodies the influences of German Expressionism and Sufi mysticism from his native culture. His early works were figurative yet surreal representations of people. From the early 70s, he increasingly focused on the face, until it became his main subject matter. Each painting is a product of several layers of faces repeatedly painted on top of each other in a flurry of colour and brush strokes, in his attempt to discover the inner self, ultimately creating spiritual intensity and depth to his work. Marwan passed away in Berlin, Germany in 2016. His soul lives on in his paintings. Image: Marwan, “Untitled”, 1984. Courtesy of @sfeirsemlergallery
This year’s Art Dubai, the highlight of the region’s cultural calendar, takes place March 20-23, 2019. As the art fair of discovery, Art Dubai is a leading international art fair as well as the world’s leading platforms for Contemporary and Modern art from the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. For its 13th edition, works from over 500 contemporary and modern artists from across the world will be exhibited by over 90 galleries from more than 40 countries, as well as lively programme of tours, talks and workshops, special performances and an after-dark music programme. Visit the link in our bio to get your tickets. . . . . . . #ArtDubai2019 #artfair #dubai #dubaievents #dxb #comingsoon
Featured Artist, #Bawwaba | Interdisciplinary artist and curator @kris_ardena debuts at #ArtDubai2019 with , as one of 10 featured artists taking part in new gallery feature, Bawwaba. Ardena lives between Negros island, the Philippines and Madrid. His works explore the poetic interaction between art practice and anthropology. Ardena has participated in various collective projects across the world as well as individual projects in South East Asia and Europe. He is also the founder of MILF (Moving Image Lab Filipinas) curatorial platform and the co-founder of Photoma an initiative on Philippine contemporary photography. Image: Kristoffer Ardena, Ghost Painting (Cracked Category): Curly Tops, 2018.
Featured Artist, #ArtDubaiContemporary | Raya Kasissieh (@rayakass ) returns to #ArtDubai2019 with Amman-based @wadifinangallery. Starting her career as a fine artist, Kasissieh gradually transitioned into sculptures, mobile art and finally fashion, choosing fabric as her medium. Making eye-catching installations was the result of a collaboration with local craftswomen, where Kasissieh used computational modelling to determine the intricate design of the strands. As a result of the artists focus on social and environmental responsibility, most of the materials used in her installations have been reused and recycled. Kasissieh’s aim is to minimise waste of all sorts and to have designers respectively create a sustainable community together. Image: Raya Kasissieh, 2018, Erosion. Courtesy of @wadifinangallery.
Art Dubai News | Art Dubai Modern is the section of the fair dedicated to showcasing museum-quality works by 20th century masters from the MENASA region. This year, 11 galleries will be exhibiting in this section, including Dhoomimal Gallery (@dhoomimalgallerydmg ), the oldest gallery in India, which will be exhibiting for the first time at a design fair in the Middle East. Held alongside this historic section of the fair, under the title ‘Cultural Hubs of Modernism’, the ‘Art Dubai Modern Symposium’ attempts to map out the cultural shifts and trends instigated by modernism in four key cities in the Middle East and South Asia. Find out more about Art Dubai Modern and Art Dubai Modern Symposium on the Art Dubai blog. Image: Ernesto Shikhani, Untitled, 1995 Courtesy of Perve Galeria Perve Galeria (@pervegaleria ) from Lisbon is one of the galleries participating in Art Dubai Modern, featuring works from artists from Portuguese speaking countries, such as the bold paintings of Ernesto Shikhani, pictured. . . . . . . #ArtDubai2019 #ArtFair #ArtDubaiModern #MiddleEast #Artist #Gallery #Modernism
We are saddened to hear today of the passing of Bisi Silva, an exemplary patron of the arts and the founder and artistic director of the Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos. We remember with fondness her contribution to Art Dubai as curator of Marker 2013, an exhibition on art from West Africa, and as a member of Art Dubai Modern’s advisory committee. Our deepest sympathies to her family and all the artists and communities on whose behalf she mentored and rallied.
Art Dubai Portraits | Marwan Sahmarani (@sahmaranimarwan ) is a Lebanese artist based between Beirut and the small Mediterranean mountain village of Tarbena, Spain. With strong brushstrokes and vivid colours, Sahmarani’s practice reflects on the increasing political turmoil and tension felt throughout his native Lebanon. His textured paintings have abstract, expressionist tendencies but are rooted in the early traditions of landscape painting. Art Dubai Portraits is a film series that provides a short perspective into the lives and workspaces of artists that are connected to the fair through its programming or participating galleries. The Art Dubai Portraits are produced in collaboration with @forward.james. Art Dubai 2019 takes place from March 20-23, 2019 at Madinat Jumeirah. . . . . . #artdubai2019 #artdubaiportraits #artist #artgallery #gallery #creativity #creation
Featured Artist, #ArtDubaiContemporary | Beninese conceptual artist @meschacgaba returns to Art Dubai with Paris-based @galerieinsitu. Gaba is best known for his innovative installations of everyday objects which whimsically juxtapose African and Western cultural identities and commerce. His best-known works have addressed ideas of value and revaluation, perceptions of African art, the politics of museum display, as well as the roles of both artist and visitor. Gaba overturns codes of national and shared identity, along with their inherent value, by blurring the political, the artistic, and the everyday. Image: Meschac Gaba, L'HOMME ET L'ARGENT, 2017, Exhibition view at In Situ - fabienne leclerc Paris © Thomas Lannes
Dubai’s annual Art Week kicks off in five weeks time with a packed programme of fairs and festivals, one-off happenings, special performances and installations. Spread over seven days and across the city, highlights include: the region’s leading art fair, #ArtDubai#SIKKA  Art Fair, held in the heart of Old Dubai; openings and special events in the city’s commercial gallery district, @alserkalavenue , the newly-opened contemporary arts museum, @jameelartscentre ; and studio/gallery hub, @tashkeelstudio. Initiated by @dubaiculture  and @artdubai , Art Week’s full programme will be announced in the coming weeks, Film by @forward.james . . . . . #Art  #Dubai  #ArtDubai2019  #artweek #dubaievents  #preview  #dubaiculture #visitdubai  #dubaicalendar
Featured Gallery, #ArtDubaiModern | @elmarsagallery is back at Art Dubai with works by #GeorgesAlbertCYR and #PierreBoucherle . Elmarsa was founded in 1994 in Tunisia and expanded to Dubai in 2015. Specialised in both modern and contemporary North African art, it represents both recognised 20th-century artists and mid-career artists. The gallery was established with the aim of generating interest in Arab art, inspiring dialogue between cultural, social and artistic leaders, and developing international relationships. The inventory of works reflects the gallery’s commitment to creating a synergy between diverse cultures through artistic expression and historical context. Pictured is featured artist Georges Albert Cyr who, though born in France, many see as a true pioneer of modern art in Lebanon where he settled. Image: Georges Albert CYR, Le grand magasin, 1953. Courtesy of @elmarsagallery.
Featured Artist, #ArtDubaiModern | The oldest gallery in India @dhoomimalgallerydmg exhibits for the first time in the Middle East at #ArtDubai2019 , bringing with it works by #KrishenKhanna , amongst others. One of the most successful artists to come out of Pakistan, Khanna had a career in banking before pursuing the visual arts. Khanna describes his technique as a process of welcoming the unpredictable to achieve something serendipitous; combining calligraphy with chance whilst removing all extraneous figuration and detail from the picture. Image: Krishen Khanna, Woodland Melody, 2016. Courtesy of @dhoomimalgallerydmg.
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