Alex Rodriguez

3-time MVP|14-time All Star|World Series Champ CEO @ARODCorp @FoxSports Commentator | Analyst @Yankees Special Advisor @SharkTankABC @ESPN SNB

@jessmendoza2 was my anchor from my first day as part of the @espn #SundayNightBaseball crew. She’s not just a role model for women and men who want to voice their love for sports. . . . She’s an Olympic champion. She’s a Stanford graduate. She’s a mom to two great boys. She’s a voice we need in baseball. . . . I’ve had the privilege of knowing Jess for almost 20 years. Now, I’m lucky enough to be working with her, as well as our quarterback, Matt, and our stats brain Moses. . . . Ready to close out a great season, but hoping to have many more chances to work with this total pro in the booth. See you tonight, Jess and thank you for taking such good care of me this year.
Record breaking night at Zappos Theater! 4 shows left. #Squad #AllIHave #JLoVegas #AfterParty
Grand Slam Time!!!! . . . One of my favorite moments in the field. Now, I’m having a blast in the booth. . . . Thanks to all of you for the support on @espn #SundayNightBaseball and be sure to tune in tomorrow night for our last broadcast of the season. #greatestgameonearth
Check out my nephew @joedunand in his days as a stud child actor. Now, he’s on the way to his own big-league career. #HappyBirthday Joe! #tbt
Do you think baseball will be the #1 sport again, like it was when I was a kid❓⚾️ Comment below. GO! 👇 . . . @yankees @mlbnetwork @mlbonfox @mlb
Yoga 🧘‍♂️, running 🏃 or lifting💪? What’s your go-to? Comment below, GO! 👇🏼
You’re going to hear me coming from a mile away with this system. Check out episode 4 of the @Jeep Wrangler Celebrity Customs Challenge as I take on @mariamenounos and @infatuation with @westcoastcustoms. Link in bio.
Back in my old stomping grounds. #highschoolmemories #305 . What do you miss most about your high school days?
She does this before every show. Seriously. #pregameroutine #AllIHave
#RockstarLife Always good to catch up with my friend @jonbonjovi. #StLouis
I use the weekend to train, rest & recover from work and all the travel. . . Today I went with hot yoga at @TruFusion & a green juice. 🥒 . . What’s your go-to workout & meal when you want to refresh and refuel?
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