Aria Vent

Air vents like you’ve never seen before. ::🇨🇦Made in Canada ::🛒Buy Online & at Retailers (listed on our website) ::🏅Patent Pending

Our most versatile vent. Installed on a tiled bathroom wall. Install & Photo By: @koda.interios @onyxdesignbuild
New OG sizes coming in 2019! 4x14 6x10 6x12
Pro install by: @m.dhardwoodinstallation
Rescuing one air return at a time🙏 . By: @new_era_paintingandtradesinc
Have you ever looked at an air vent and thought "why hasn't anyone come up with a better looking vent?" Well we did. And this is it! . By: @paynecontracting
Aria Lite is a tiny detail in this beautiful bedroom. But design is all about the tiny details ;) 📸 by: @karla.schaus
Winter is coming. Aria Vent - will keep your house warm in Canadian Snowmageddon 🍁 By: @rosiakcarpentry
Aria Lite - the cost effective alternative to our first child, The OG. Affordable & made for DIYers. Check out @karla.schaus blog post about her Aria Lite install experience. (link in @karla.schaus bio) . photo & install by: @karla.schaus
@naturalcarpentry made a step-by-step install video of how she installed these with a JIG. It's brilliant and very satisfying. Watch it on her instagram story highlights. By: @macneilconstruction & @naturalcarpentry
OMG OG! OG was made to be used on the walls, floors and ceilings. Specifically for walls and ceilings - when you're using an accent material. Last thing you want is an ugly vent messing it all up. By: @koda.interiors @onyxdesignbuild
CYBER MONDAY SALE- ONLY TODAY ONLY ONLINE Flushmount Pro -For Pros who like to do Pro stuff... Like cutting out a perfectly rectangle opening for a really cool air vent. @stonefusiondesign
Process photo of Drywall Pro Air Return Most installers repeat the mud/sanding processes 3 times to get the smoothest transition. By: @feeneyandco
OG in the toe-kick! Install these literally anywhere you find a vent. By: @urbaninteriors_knb
The tray of this OG was filled with 3 planks of wood. Try to spot the 2 seams! Very impressive install by: @empire_contracting
Game Changer Drywall Pro - Air Return 2 Sizes: 10" x 14.25" and 10" x 30.25" By: @sonnarchomes
Aria OG - Our easiest vent to install. Comes in: ▫️▪️& grey Install by: @marksman_tile
Made for tiny bathrooms 4x10 Flushmount Pro Install by: @stonefusiondesign
The OG ▪Made for DIYers ▪Made for Pros ▪Made for ppl who stay up at night thinking about ugly vents.
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