Aria Vent

Air vents like you’ve never seen before. ::🇨🇦Made in Canada ::🛒Buy Online & at Retailers (listed on our website) ::🏅Patent Pending

Drywall Pro is the master of low key. This model comes in 4 sizes, for supply vents and air returns. Find them all on our website. By: @paynecontracting
OG Black. Simple. Sophisticated. Style. By: @zmoro
Design is in the details. 📸By: @daniellotileandstone
The easiest & least expensive way to give your vents a fresh clean custom look. Aria Lite - Cotton White. Only $25 each . . #ariavent #airvent #vent #hvac #madeincanada #design #designer #modern #minimal #luxury #fronthallway #foyer #tile #marble #marblefloor
Our drywall pro won 2nd place in the @kbb_magazine product of the year award. Way to go little buddy!
Spot the Aria Vent. Design: @montanalabelle Stairwells need art not ugly vents. Drywall pro: low-key sophisticated minimalist vents. #ariavent #airvent #hvac #torontodesign #design #designer #modern #minimal #luxury #fronthallway #foyer
Design by: You Front Foyer = probably an ugly vent. Upgrade your foyer vents for a simple quick fix, that will leave your front door looking clean & inviting. #foyer #frontdoor #ariavent # airvent #hvac #contractors #interiordesign #interiordesigners #ProjectCollectiveCabin #luxury #fronthallway #foyer
Flushmount pro in the kick plate. Designed to work literally anywhere with literally any material. #ariavent #airvent #hvac #cabinetry #laundyroom #interiordesign #contractors #innovativesolutions #interiordesign #interiordesigners
AIR RETURNS that look good. Like.. really, really good. Designed for cold air returns commonly found obstructing your hallways and common areas. . By: @montanalabelle Centre tray slides out so you can adjust air flow and clean your ducts.#airvents #ariavent #hvac #contractorsofinsta #interiordesigners   #drywall #drywallnation
Dwall Pro solving space issues! Customer wanted a large 48” vanity, but the vent was in the way and could not be moved. Enter: Dwall Pro. The flat seamless profile optimized the wall space allowing for the larger vanity. . Install & problem solving by: @antoni_construction
OG Collection ☑️ Adjust Air Flow ☑️ Customize To Your Floor Material Purchase On Our Website & At Partner Retailers (all info at #ariavent #airvent #interiordesign #tilefloor #contractorsofinsta #interiordesign #hvac
Aria OG - on the WALL This vent can be installed on floors / walls and ceilings with literally any material. Modular design to fit your space. 👌install by @fastidious_tile_and_stone #design #blackandwhitebathroom #tile #airvent #ariavent #dreambathroom #interiordesign
*NEW COLOUR* Aria Lite - cotton white 4x10 Coming soon!
Aria OG - 12 o’clock . @montanalabelle @gozlangroup
There’s nothing better than getting nice messages from our customers who are excited about their vents. Thank you!! @benmarchand . Send us your Aria Vent pics! 📸
Aria Vent is camouflaged right into the floor tile - so we can get back to enjoying this unreal bathroom by . Model: Aria Lite - Buy ONLINE for $25 / vent (6 & 12 packs available)
PRO ISSUES 💡 Vents are a factor in every bathroom reno. We have the one fit solution -super easy FAST install / NO site return trips / looks great / client is happy, Pro is happy. The End ☺️ Install by @robertcrippsconstruction
Hands up if you have an annoying vent right in front of your sliding doors 🙌🏻 . @projecthardwood always doing it right
Air returns don’t have to be ugly anymore Install by: @paynecontracting Get yours at & our retailers
Thoughtful design makes a space functional and beautiful. Upgrade your old vents with the OG Collection. . Install by @cjkcontractinginc @theurbanfloorstore
Hi, we are Aria Vent. We are a small Canadian family business and we love making vents. Nice to meet you. 👋🏼 . install by: @newforeinc
💡How to: install Aria OG . Super fast & simple - use our vents with LITERALLY any surface material: carpet / Tile / mosaic / vinyl / cork / LEGO? / grass? - whatever floats your boat. #ariavent #airvent #madeincanada #diy #contractor #howto
Penny Tile x Aria OG Beauty install by: @magnumtile . Let’s see what you can do!! Send us your Aria installs to #keepcraftalive #contractors #ariavent #passingairinstyle
Flushmount Pro *NEW SIZE* . Now available in 3”x10” and 4”x10” . Install by: @the_reno_twins
Thankful for whoever invented A/C You rock don’t ever change ❤️ . Aria OG - buy online & at our retailers! (Full list on our website)
That. Air. Return. 30 1/4” x 10” Buy Online NOW & at retailers . Install by: @roblock_design_build
we inVENTed our VENTs because frankly, VENTs needed an interVENTion. An unconVENTional inVENTion so you don’t have to fuss and VENT about your VENT misadVENTures. This is the adVENT of VENTs. #punintended #ariavent #airvent #hvac . Install by: @gittconst
Happy Canada Day 🇨🇦 . Proud to be Canadian 🍁
They’re finally here! You ask and we deliver. . Say hey to the Drywall PRO Air Returns . Now available in 2 SIZES Online & Retailers
Drywall PRO / Install by: @b.crenovations . NEW AIR RETURNS: Coming next Thurs June 21st 4” x 12” 10” x 14 1/4” 10” x 30 1/4” . buy online in US, Canada and Australia & at our retailers!
We’re committed to making kickass minimalist sexy vents for the neat-freak / clean-line / detail-obsessed lunatics of the world. . We got you. Checkout how we are re-inVENTING how you see vents. . Install by the talented @beckettconstructioninc . Aria OG in Matte Grey
“Like a glove” - Ace Ventura . Aria Lite - exclusively sold online . $25 / vent AND we got your shipping covered 😉 #freeshipping #ariavent #airvent #hvac #easyassinstall
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