this acc is dead

ウエルカム ! 私は秋田です☆ 私は非常にアジア人です ごみのアート、 ヘタリア♡♡♡♡

oh yeah art improvement 2015-18!! the last ones were bad, I was rofl for straight 3 mins so idc if u laugh owo
peekaboo im the edgy man
Thankies for 200 followers♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡
k u r o
ha, redraw of max . . . . oc belongs to Loulous~
HAPPY EXISTING ANOTHER YEAR TO YOU~~ @poppiiiseed !!!! a redraw of mintee ;) DHE SO SUITABLE WIT THE 👌👌👌👌👌👌
Heya, this ain't a vent art,, it's just annoying how I'm locked inside my room everyday doing nothing.
•New Oc•~ Her name is Luna Crystal :3 (She needs a friend, and she’s stuck in the Galaxy, wishing she could come to Earth);;
Yesterday was Alfred's/America's Bday my dudes//~❤💙
the spooky boi I don believe this emo dude is Asuna's brother
Asuna's genderswap
The feeling when you spray sunscreen that has a strong scent. ;-;
Ik this was so last year but I'm gonna upload this today in yt
Did this w/ @kokoa.amai OwO
hey it’s Juki and Yoko :0 the sibs
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