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Pandora will be released Dec 11th! So here is a preview! PROLOGUE ~Beginning of the End~ So, there I was, encased in about ten feet of cement, and walled into the basement of an Ahab’s coffee shop. Being buried alive was just about as much fun as you would think. I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t see, couldn’t move. My skin ached– not just because of the cement, but because the sun was coming up. Terrible as that felt, it was good to know that at least some of my vampiric senses were still firing. After all my years as an immortal, I still wasn’t a very good vampire. My current situation was an embarrassment to my supernatural race. This couldn’t really be the end of me, could it? I mean, realistically, the lack of nourishment would eventually make me lose consciousness, but then what? Technically, I should live forever. The cement was still wet, giving me the slightest tease of movement. Unfortunately, every time I tried to dig my way out, a bit more of my flesh ripped, more bones popped, and more ligaments contorted. So, I forced myself to be still. My thoughts flailed between pain and rage while the faces of my loved ones passed through my mind’s eye. The sheer horror of my situation was quickly crushing the logic center of my brain. Thankfully, my thoughts soon retreated into the safety of memory. They offered something to cling to, something to stem the panic creeping in. So, I let them come. Unfortunately, they settled on the night of my death. The night all this started. The night I met Remy. Want to read more? Sign up for my newsletter! Or you can pre-order at www.aprilwahlin.com LINK IN PROFILE
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Books are in the mail! Unfortunately due to shipping times, the release date is pushed to Dec 11th. Sign up on my email list for a chapter preview at the end of the week! www.aprilwahlin.com
RIP to an amazing creator. #marvel #sad
Don’t forget to preorder your copy of Pandora Syndrome at www.aprilwahlin.com
Don’t forget to preorder your copy of Pandora Syndrome at www.aprilwahlin.com
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Come see April Wahlin at LA Comic Con! The “Next Elvira”, April Wahlin, will be making an appearance at the Nuclear Blast booth on Friday, October 26 at 3PM and again on Saturday, October 27 at 1PM. In spirit of Halloween, April will be in her“Next Elvira” drag signing photos and copies of her novel, Thirteen Offerings: Stories Of Ithiria.
New Book Available for Pre-Order! The next installment in my fantasy novel series 'Stories of Ithiria' is here! 'Pandora Syndrome' is now available for pre-order on paperback and hardcover AprilWahlin.com/shop. Set to release on Friday, November 16, 2018. Cover design by @spaceboycomics A vampire necromancer? The Fates are amused. After being shot outside of a club on her twenty-first birthday, Pandora Todd, AKA Dora, awakes in the bed of a handsome stranger with a pair of snake-like fangs. Now consumed by a hunger for blood, Dora is an unlikely vampire with her love of red vines, obsession with pop culture, and strange ability to control all things dead. She’d rather spend eternity playing video games and eating junk food than stalking alleyways and navigating the dangerous world of supernatural politics. However, when Dora finds herself targeted by a rival necromancer, she soon becomes wrapped up in a plot that will shape her past, present and future. Pre-order your copy of Pandora Syndrome here. Www.aprilwahlin.com/shop #pandorasyndrome #writer #novel #novelist #newbook #fantasybooks #aprilwahlin
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