Antoni Porowski

National Suicide Prevention Line: 1-800-273-8255 | Making food and eating it on Queer Eye. NYC.

What I love most about us is our ability to really enjoy each others’ company when we’re together ❤️. 📸@jroselane
Grateful for remembering to wear a matching pair of socks. 📸@garose21
Goodbye for now, @i_am_kiko ❤️.
Kyoto, you stole my 🖤.
When preparing shiso chiffonade, a plunging V-neck and cummerbund are truly the only way to go. 📸@kingofsean1
Here we go 😎. Season III❤️💜💛💚💙 #loveyourself
BIG news…As many of you know, City Harvest means a lot to me and I was honored to join their Food Council last year to support their work rescuing and delivering food for hungry New Yorkers. I am THRILLED to announce that on Tues, April 30, I’ll be teaming up with none-other than @chrissyteigen to host City Harvest: The 2019 Gala! Join me in honoring the City Harvest supporters who go above and beyond every day to help feed our city! #WeAreCityHarvest
OMG I am so obsessed with this! (The corgi’s great, too) 😍. A cheese plate with @boursincheese , dried fruit, bread, and nuts can make a comfy, cuddly day in so much cozier.  #madetowow
It’s a sign. 📸@tfortrace
On pointe *or* Me and my Jonny guitar 🤙🏼
With two restaurants, hectic schedules, and over a thousand miles between us, it can be tricky for my dear friend, Beth Barden, and me to stay connected. With @PortalfromFacebook , it’s like we're right back in her kitchen in Kansas City. #Portal 's Smart Camera and Smart Sound features let us be our always-in-motion selves as they adjust to our movements, both small and large, and capture us as we cook together, laugh together, and BE together. #feelthere #ad
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