Angie Martin

#mealprepsunday at it again, consistancy is key. So meal prep is a little less today because hubs is on leave for the week, lucky bugger. Oh and yummy soup courtesy of @casdick
From tuppeware to bowl #Lunchisserved
#mealprepsunday this is such a challenge wow🤤
#mealprep by candle light, #eskomsepush
#mealprep even for Miss Logie Bear #mealprep #weaningbaby
Shepherd's pie with sweet potato mash served with salad. Yummy in my tummy #mealprep makes life easier.
Simplicity at its best. So breakfast may not look appetising but #Keepingitsimple
Supper for next 2 nights: shepards pie with sweet potato mash. Lunch for the next 2 days: shrimp and veg with brown rice. #mealprep #preparationiskey
I haven't posted in a while. Being back at work has made me lazy, so had a bad 2 months, but I'm back on track #mealprepsunday #mealprep
So I haven't posted in a while but between been a wife, mother to our gorgeous girls and back at work, time is limited. But we do need a sweet treat ever so often, so some flourless chocolate peanut butter cookies are in order. 😋😋😋
Kids are to bed, so mom did a late night workout because #MomLife and #Wifelife happen
That was so 😋 😋 yummy. Rice cake 'pizza' could definitely do this for supper more often or even lunch. Satisfied the pizza craving.
My grandparents from my moms side. Never got to meet them and only picture I have. #MyRoots #Family #MaAndPa
@lisaraleigh pink pancakes but used blue berries instead so I guess they blue pancakes 😋
The cutest face ever
Round 2 ❤️
My dancing queen
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