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So much fun with @mslynnwhitfield this morning! She’s talking about #nappilyeverafter on Netflix this Friday, initially not wanting her daughter in the entertainment business, men intimidated to date her because of the roles she has played, her dream roles, and she gives us some inside info 👀
@youngsinick will be at #angelayeebookclub tonight talking about his book #icantdatejesus and you don’t want to miss this! The book was insightful, hilarious, educational, and important for everyone to read. See you at @woodstackivy at 6!
#askYEE tips are supposed to be you giving extra cash for good/great service and if you are not pleased you are not obligated to leave a tip. I would definitely express my dissatisfaction and see if they are apologetic and come to a resolution before going off. If that doesn’t work then you should speak to a manager, and express that you will leave a bad review as well as not recommend their establishment based off your experience.
#askYEE what would your advice be?
How beautiful is the @nypl 📚
@jenniferwilliams is here talking about skipping the basketball wives reunion, what happened this season with her and Tami, her and Shaunie, and her friendship with Evelyn, whether or not she talked about Evelyn’s daughter, and selling stories to the blogs
Fun photo shoot today! @lootxriot
#Repost @woodstackivy with @get_repost ・・・ Angela Yee’s Book Club is back and this month’s book club reading will be a classic one that you don’t want to miss. We’re super excited to invite Michael Arceneaux @youngsinick to join us on the stoop for an engaging discussion on his new book “I Can’t Date Jesus” • Join the book club crew next Tuesday, September 18th at Brooklyn’s @woodstackivy for what promises to be a not to be missed event. Spots are filling up quickly, so RSVP TODAY at • Hosted by @angelayee with guest author @youngsinick joining us live, or for those those that can’t make it, join us via Facebook Live at • Tuesday, September 18th at 6:00PM. Drinks provided by @lscreamliqueur and @ronabuelorum sounds provided by @djdaenyc #KIFTS #ItsAllWOOD
Getting ready for my fireside chat with the 6th annual @wimglobal in Philly right now! Love to all the women in media across the globe and the aspiring personalities/journalists/producers/etc because it sure ain’t easy 😰 📷 by @_brandoncaptures_
@kathygriffin is here discussing losing all her TV jobs after the picture of the Donald Trump decapitated head surfaced, getting little support from her peers and no support from any women, working her way back into touring, death threats, and attacks at her shows
#BRF always talking sh*t #BK
Who would you eat @officialrapsnacks ? Boosie’s Louisiana Heat, Romeo’s bar-b-quin’ with my honey, Migos’ sour cream with a dab of ranch, Fabolous’ New York deli cheddar, or Fetty Wap’s honey jalapeño #RapSnacks
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