Anett Velsberg-Tiedemann

food, travel, lifestyle ❀ stylist, photographer & videographer ✧ DELICIOUSLY VEGAN APP⇣✧

* Who knows what this is called? 🌿 one of my favourite end-of-summer dishes with all the ripe tomatoes, zucchini and eggplant 💛✨
* Market finds. What’s your pick? In love with these colours 💛✨
* Who knows where this is? 💛 one of the most spectacular buildings ever. Tag someone! @worldwanderlust
* Which one would you eat first? 💛 it’s avos and figs for me ✌🏼✨
* Pink dream cake 💕✨ the sweetest berry coconut layers. Let me know if ya want the recipe for this! x
* Left or right? 💕 Chia parfaits from the app (link in bio) with a berry whip topping 👅✨
* D R E A M Y 🌝✨ tag someone! @nois7
* Happiness is a cup of coffee and a good book. ☕💛 My favourite - L’OR’s Classique coffee, brewed in a French press and served with hot, foamy oat milk. Their French quality is made even better by the soft package which locks in the aroma as if it was freshly grounded. Heavenly! #LORcoffee #frenchcoffee #ad
* Tag who you’d share these with 💕✨ I could stare at these forever 😍 @mniammniam_bez_glutenu
* Would you swim here? One of the most picturesque places I’ve ever been to✨ tag someone you’d share this with!
* Tag who you’d share these with 🌿 mango rice paper rolls from the app (link in bio) and the best peanut satay sauce 👅👅✨
* Tag who you’d share this with ✨ sunset, bruchettas & spritzes on the Italian coast with my ❤️
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