Andy Gomez

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What stick?
Tattoo made today on @tyscustomflies. He also designed this tattoo.
Tattoo I made last week. Always have time to tattoo @highnoontattoo. DM or text
Panther Rose art show @highnoontattoo @highnoonmoonlounge @monumentbarbershop Saturday December 15th. We will also be having our Christmas party the same night so be ready to party. We will have food and drinks. If you would like to submit art or have any questions send us a DM. Hope to see everyone there.
Tattoo from last night.
Little moon on the ankle from today.
Tattoo I made tonight. I always have time to tattoo just message me.
Happy Halloween Putos!
Fun one from today.
Quail and desert tattoo made tonight.
Scarface panther cover-up made tonight.
Tomahawk to fill a space made tonight.
Cool one made tonight
Saguaro next to a nice salmon.
Fun one I made recently. Design by @shitpencil #skateanddestroy
Healed wolf I made back in May. #highnoontattoo
Fun one from today.
Reaper made today. #highnoontattoo #missedaspot
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