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I’m going on tour! Don’t be a dummy. Buy tix.

Happy birthday to my brother in flexed arms! This is from one of the first weekends while shooting Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. We were in Hawaii and the whole cast decided to go cliff jumping. Zac is like a gd super hero so he goes to one of the highest points and gracefully leaps off. I decide that I won’t be outdone so I go to the same spot, slipped and fell 30 feet down the cliff. Zac thought I did it on purpose to be funny. Only now on his birthday am I admitting I’m not quite as athletic as my main man Z bone. Happy birthday buddy I love ya! Mike and Dave forever issa stang life bitch! Also... flexing SO hard in this pic.
#tbt to my time as Catam! This might be my Halloween costume. Tour starts next Tuesday in Dallas! They’re all gonna be fun! DALLAS (kick off show) , CHARLESTON (party in one of my fav cities) , ATLANTA ( Halloween show/ Catam), ATLANTIC CITY( degenerate gambling show) BETHLEHEM PA ( regain sense of purpose show) GRAND RAPIDS ( party because it’s my bday at midnight) MILWAUKEE ( Bday Show! I’ll never die) OMAHA ( shoot stand up special)
Ugh. I was told that production wasn’t going to get in the way of this tour. Unfortunately, circumstances changed and I have to cancel a bunch of shows. I’m going to try to get back there as fast as I can. If you bought a ticket you will get refunded. These are the shows I’m doing and I’m SO excited to go to all of them. Come to a show and let’s get weird!
#tbt in the 9th grade my mom threatened to ground me if I didn’t immediately go get a haircut. I’m a good son. This defiant young man is going on tour! Am I coming to your city?! Tix in bio!
The Snack boi’s had to get their fix at the @laclippers game last night. You know the Clips are UNDEFEATED in preseason and we are undefeated with our snack game. Going on tour in a week! Gotta give that chin the comedy droop.
Thank you @horrornights for scaring the number 2 out of us. Not literally but ALMOST. If I saw these two; I’m running. Sorry @chloebridges , but you have to fight these two on your own.
Meet the Gemstones! I can finally let y’all know that HBO picked us up and this is my new TV family. I couldn’t be more excited for this show. Danny McBride is truly a comic hero of mine. When I first met him I was at a party and was so star struck I said “holy shit! You’re Danny McBride! You are a shooting star!” Wtf?! I dunno. Imma fan. John Goodman is legit one of my all time favorites and even more so after working with him. He has the perfect career. Edi Patterson is a beast. She’s SO funny. I’m excited for y’all to see this! Also, I say things like “y’all ” now.
Look ma! Imma instagram model! Just kidding I’m just a regular guy that loves butterflies/ angel wings so I’m super pumped that these are on the side of every other building, in every city in the world now! #basicbitch
This was legit the most intense interview I’ve ever done. Miss.Piggy don’t play no games. Scooter was super professional as one would expect. Thanks @wemovement for making this muppet babies dream come true.
Try and stop me! 🍾 🍺 🍹🍸🍷🥃🥂
Last night I got to host this epic event. The WORLDS BIGGEST USO TOUR! It was broadcast live to 90 @uso centers at military bases around the globe. I didn’t make a total ass out of myself in front of these generals and the crowd loved seeing @floridageorgialine so it was a success! Big thanks to the @theuso for having me and thanks to all of the volunteers who worked so hard to put on such a next level event!
Today I visited the @theuso Warrior Center in Bethesda MD on the campus of Walter Reed Military Medical center. I was also able to visit the hospital and visit with some service members and their families as they received treatment. It was not lost on me that today is 9/11. It is important to remember those that lost their lives on that horrific day 17 years ago and it is also important to remember the men and women who are sacrificing so much to protect us from any such attacks in the future. America has a big beating heart. Always and forever!
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