Andy James Delgado

I'm a gamer and brony. I love to watch my little pony friendship is magic especially playing my games on Xbox one. My gamertag is GamerLuna92.🎮

Rip and tear sweetheart!
"What's up darling!"
"What a beautiful day darling."
"I see you!"
"Not a fucking word!"
"Morning sleepy head!"
"Peace and quiet together."
"I need a bottle whiskey and Coke that's it"
The boop of humanity!!!!!!!
"This not war, it's domination in the battlefield!"
"What's making me feel smile in the battlefield."
First day of the month of nothing.
She is going to listening to Cannonball by Skyler Gery.
Twilight said "I'm bad kitty!"
Take care some business.
I got no words to say....
The true fear of cuteness.
Too much adorableness as a weapon.
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