Andy James Delgado

I'm a gamer and brony. I love to watch my little pony friendship is magic especially playing my games on Xbox one. My gamertag is GamerLuna92.🎮

"Behold da real Queen!"
They are so adorable and they come get you.
"Say what!"
I got you, You go me darling.
🎸🛵 don't forget that.🎸🛵
Fuck the whole conjuring bullshit!, let's do kicking demons ass business.
Were my fucking candy bar!!
They are same family roots, BJ blazkowicz kills more Nazis entire life and The Doom Slayer kill's more demons. like a family tradition to kill their enemies.
"They all rage, brutal without Mercy you become the worst ,rip and tear until it's done."
The Doom Slayer vs Mr. Quija.
The Motherland is calling me.
"These twins always give me unlucky feel."
💀"The Horror!, The Horror!"💀- Colonel Kurtz.
King's of all death cards.
"Give me a nice kiss of death darling."
"I'm little buster."
"Luck is so greedy has sweet taste."
If you're really really really extreme high if you seen on your phone this shit you like what the fuck just happened to me.
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