Andrew Young

Field Trip Episode I - “In which A Team goes to see The Improvised Shakespeare Company”
Translation: Pay for your own screens, you schmucks. #UnitedAirlines
A garnish for any occasion.
After years of dreaming, I’ve finally purchased one of these. Here’s to getting fat again!
Americana came to play.
Here's a picture of a stage I saw.
Though we had a great set ultimately minor differences over how to "play game" lead to our downfall.
Every time I drink a cappuccino, I murder a flower. Addiction has consequences.
Out of Bounds Marquee!
Performing comedy here tomorrow night.
Game of thrones supplies!
Everything about this headline works for me comedically. Especially the casual juxtaposing of "Ringo" against the most mumbled-through song in the Beatles canon.
AdTip #39 : Make sure your marketing is representative of your service. Is your colon crusty and browned? Theme your sign to match!
The French add an extra "u".
Seeing the size difference up close and without all the hair, Beauty and the Beast looks way more rapey.