Andrew Dice Clay

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This is the Red One ... Sound is Beyond Belief.
It’s a New week and I’m Excited! Why ! Because I am expecting my Blue Shock Wave Walkman in the Mail . I’ve so been enjoying my Homemade Cassette Workout Tapes , That I’ve begun the process of making Duplicates. Btw The Panasonic Shock wave comes with the Extra Bass Button So you really feel The music Pump !!!$$$$
I’ve been getting a lot of younger People Coming to my Sites lately. This book about me came out about 4 years ago . Takes you through my life up to the year 2000 . You might Enjoy . It’s at most book stores.
This is How it all started . September 13th 1978 Pips Comedy Club in Brooklyn. I would come me on Stage as Jerry Lewis Character Professor Kelp from the Original Film The Nutty Professor ... Take my Magic Formula and Transform into John Travolta’s Character Danny Zuko From Grease.
Me and my Sister NATALIE Hanging Out.
Club Soda Kenny Filming me . Back Than and up till around 2000 and 10 It all got Filmed.
New York Times Profile Piece Comes Out Later this Coming Week.
Burnet Street in Brooklyn. Lived behind me Till I was 7 .
Dice , Hot Tub John West and Club Soda Kenny .
Me and my Friend Paulson 29 years ago in Brooklyn.
@ejkerrigan asked me to put up pictures of me and Her Twin Sister Vivian who I dated Before I realized that I liked Eleanor even more than Her. The Breakup caused a lot of Hard feelings Between the two of em . And it Led to a 43 minute Street fight that there Brothers egged on . To this day That fight is Legendary. @ejkerrigan got the best of Vivian by smashing her Head over and over into a Fire plug and stabbing her with a Bobbie pin in her back over 1500 times . That’s when @ejkerrigan got into Female Wrestling and became Easy Rider.
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