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So last Nite after show ... Eleanor sez that someone wants to Meet Me ... Tangerine Girl!!! She Heard I was Performing and wanted to Surprise Me . And she really Did. Lemme tell ya ... Tangerine Girl is,a,Real Peach !!!
You could take the Girl outta Philly, But ya can't take the Philly out of theGirl!!!
Do you understand!!! This is a Dream Come True!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andrew Dice Clay Podcast ...I'm Ova Hea Now ...Coming to Gas Digital !!! Just Thanking My Fans for Helping Me Decide on The Name!!!
Need your Help...Podcast Name ...A.D.C...I'm OVA HEA NOW Or ...A.D.C .RULES
There,has been a Sighting of Tangerine Girl.
@stillrebelband Rehearsing at Home when they were Preparing for OzzFest...Which was Absolutely Thrilling. #Ozzie #Rock #Drums
@stillrebelband doing a Thing #Rock
Honestly ... Does she think she's a Guy lol...can't help it ...She makes me Laugh.
Eleanor purposely didn't let me go to Tangerine Girls Gym. What if TG Moves??? I shoulda,talked in mall.
Yessss!!! I'm a Ten...Don't like it ! Fuck you !!! Yes , I work and do what I want , when I want!!! Don't like it ! Fuck U ! Yes ... When I'm bored , I go dump cash on a New car ! Don't like it ...Fuck U!!! Yes ... I probably Fucked More Chicks than most Guys looking at This !!! And yes Marriage don't hold me back if I see something I gotta Fuck !!! Don't like it ??? Suck my Fucken Dick!!! I wasn't Born to Follow Rules !!! Dice Rules ...It's How it's Been for 40 Fucken Years ... And it's only Gotten Better and more Freeing as Time Goes On... Don't like it. ? DONT WATCH...Cause it's only Gonna Eat you up inside. I'm looking Forward to Tomorrow...Why ??? Cause I can do whatever the Fuck I Want... So if you don't like what your Doin! Don't Do it...Either way ...Fuck U !!! See you in Vegas At laugh Factory this coming Weekend...17 ...18 ...19 Tropicana. Don't I make Great advertising Billboards. Don't like em know the Rest lol
Got a little Crazy at Kibitz last Nite for @stillrebelband
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