Andreas Friberg Lundgren

Art Director & Co-founder of Lundgren+Lindqvist, Gothenburg, Sweden #lundgrenlindqvist @lundgrenlindqvist

Sleep tight, little pigeon.
Friday commute.
A life and death situation.
Also fresh back from the framer, this restaurant drawing; ’RP Skateboard Deck’, by Jonathan Monk (@monkpictures ). - There’s an excellent book covering the project titled ’One Hundred Meals between Rome and Berlin’ (Humboldt Books). - ’British artist Jonathan Monk replays, recasts and re-examines seminal works of Conceptual and Minimal art by variously witty, ingenious and irreverent means. Speaking in 2009, he said, ‘Appropriation is something I have used or worked with in my art since starting art school in 1987. At this time (and still now) I realised that being original was almost impossible, so I tried using what was already available as source material for my own work.’ A few years ago Monk moved to Rome for a while with his family. In Rome he adopted a pleasant gastronomic routine: restaurants and pizzerias, alone or with friends, but most of all with his family. Once back home, between the name of the restaurant and the total of the bill, on top of all the various dishes consumed, the artist used a pencil, sometimes with watercolours, to reproduce the image of a work by another artist on the receipt or scrubby hand-written note. Clearly, the appropriationist approach which had characterised most of his work thus far also continued through this new life experience.’ (Excerpt from @humboldtbooks website.)
John Melin and Anders Österlin, better known as M&Ö, posing in front of their famous poster series for Moderna Museet. The image, which has frequently been used in publications and articles about the duo, with the photographer credit left as unknown, was shot by Pål-Nils Nilsson (stamped a tergo). The portrait was likely shot during the hanging or opening of the duo’s exhibition at the Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg, in the late 1960s. - Nilsson was one of the original members of the legendary group Tio Fotografer (or simply Tiofoto), along with Sten Didrik Bellander, Harry Dittmer, Sven Gillsäter, Hans Hammarskiöld, Tore Johnson, Hans Malmberg, Georg Oddner and Lennart Olson. - The image was probably commissioned by the Arbmans advertising agency, who employed both Melin & Österlin at the time. This vintage silver gelatine print derives from the agency’s own archive. I just picked it up from @sandengartprintpro , who have done a beautiful job framing it for me.
Through the looking-glass.
Nature strikes back.
Margiela, les Années Hermès at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs.
Giacometti’s atelier, as preserved at the Institut Giacometti in Paris.
Kiki de Château Revelette
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