Andrea Carlota

🇻🇪 Caribbean mami Strong accent

With bae✨
High times ✌🏻
In the jungla 🐒 #tropical #paper #setdesign
Last week’s solo day. Went to see the Vermeer’s show -again- and that painting.. #vermeerdc
I’m breathing, happy 2018 (:
Two weeks ago, sneaking in Riggs Library at Georgetown✨ 📖 fun fact: it’s one of the few remaining cast iron libraries in the U.S
Después de sacrificar un chivo, hacer rituales de manifestación con una foto de Maduro, tomar una de cartujo y fumar un tabaquito, obtuve unos lentes de Harry Potter bien trendy y la piel de elfo que siempre quise. También me dieron la cita del pasaporte, vamo a ve k pasa. 🤞🏻
Routine 💀
Agarrala que no eres mocho ft. @fonzthespacecadet
Woopsie Matisse #matisse #art #tbt
👺 #red
[\] el caption dice: "Democracy dies in darkness"
Life has been kicking my ass for 24 years -specially this last month- and I just decided I won't give up and I'll punch back 💪🏻✨ Thank y'all for your birthday messages, love and support during the year (specially on my meltdowns) ❤️✨ let's make great things k?- 🦁💕
Pelo y pelo. #doggo
Pic showing I care about my dad or something.
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