🎃👻💀🎃👻💀🎃👻💀 #HappyHalloween
Speaking of badass women #tasyateles #marieavgeropoulos #the100ladies
The men might be the ones who are normally in charge on another zombie show but on Z Nation the women are the badasses #anastasiabaranova #katyobrian #sydneyviengluang #lydiahearst #kellitasmith #znation #znationwomen
Look at @kellitasmith1 and @annyawesome being all beautiful and ready to kick some Zombie a$$ 😍😍😍😍 #znationseason5 #anastasiabaranova #kellitasmith #addycarver #robertawarren
Make it through the next 24 hours. Then make it through the next week. Then the next month. Look at you being all badass and keeping going no matter if you feel like giving up
Be like Carol Danvers always get up because "Fuck you"
When @hilarieburton and @jeffreydeanmorgan post a request you've got to oblige them. Snap a pic of yourself in a favorite piece of clothes and tag #theawesomechallenge because @rocketsofawesome will donate school clothes for children in need to @baby2baby
Ok it's been a while since a character's death made me honestly cry but when Wynonna Earp first aired the very first episode I loved Dolls. Shamier like all the cast would live tweet back when this little shit show was barely getting off the ground and he made this character come to life and seeing how much life he bought Xavier Dolls and how honorably they handled his death is beautiful. I can't wait to see where @officialshamieranderson career goes next he's made a fan for life. #wynonnaearp #xavierdolls #TeamDolls4Ever #earpers #shamieranderson
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