Pro Black✊🏾• Pan African🖤• Melanated🍫☀️ Mind of Malcolm X , Soul of Tupac. 🧠 DM(V)

Those with value, with confidence, whose personality is rich and intriguing , will GET people’s attention just by being who they are. They attract people when they walk in a room, with graceful walk, classy behavior, kindness and respect being given. No need to put on a fake show, no need to do the utter most for lackluster, “bad” attention, no need to compromise your self respect and lower yourself for basic attention from unworthy people who don’t deserve to catch a glimpse of who you are. Save that for reciprocal people, people who actually care enough to put in dat work. It’ll save you time and energy putting in the most when you don’t get even 1/4 of what you gave in, OUT. 📝💯🧠
Africa, the Mother Land, Mama Africa, is the origin and birthplace of humanity. Our ancestors trace back to one single human with African DNA. The land of the melanin-efficient people, the land of the strong cultures, the land of beauty. Africa has been brutally raped and abused of its power, NATURAL RESOURCES, RICHNESS, beauty, by colonization, war, greed, money/wealth hunger, which leads to poverty, famine, poor education (enough to be literate), etc. Now one of the damaging effects of colonization is psychological brainwashing, to see white as superior, to see black as inferior, to see your fellow Africans with dark skin as inferior, to worship the light skin that your OPPRESSORS have created with rape, to be ignorant about the history in your own country AFRIKA, to not know the power that lies in you for simply being AFRIKAN. We speak hypothetically about our goals, but will we manifest them to reality? One of my major goals is to establish a non profit organization that exclusively deals with Africa and its condition, to get together with like minded Africans with a common goal of liberation and prosperity for Africa, this idea has been new to my mind but my mind continuously thinks about new ideas. My entire family is African, I identify as BLACK with African heritage and upbringing. There is no reason why i should hate my people, hate Africa, no reason why I should hate being who i am. Your enemy will see your power before you see it, they will conspire to tear you down from the moment they’re able to. Your enemy will condition you mentally to literally hate your self, the very skin that you’re in, where you come from, who you are. Don’t ever forget that . I pray that Africa HEALS from the torture it’s endured and flourishes to what it was meant to be. ❤️🖤💚 (unfollow me if you like, I couldn’t care less!!! that shows your hostility and dislike towards people with love for humanity and their culture).
Grey on Cocoa
Ain’t picture perfect but I work the pictures still📸
Rare instance of me smiling in a pic😁 don’t get used to it tho loll
flip ya phone
Resting face 101😶🌞bring natural beauty back
Eid Mubarak everyone! What a blessed month Ramadan has been, May Allah bless and reward us for our good deeds, fasts and prayers! Love you all❤️ (Don’t worry about the dark part on my nose bridge, it’s a bruise lol)
The endless tears that have flowed from my eyes will not help Ali Banat, only our duas and prayers will and can. Ali Banat was a fighter, a role model, a strong follower of Islam and our beloved brother in humanity and Islam. He had the luxuries, the extravagant lifestyle, the materialistic objects that people now worship and risk everything for. But what he called a “gift from Allah” unto him, a gift that he was blessed with since 2015, which is cancer, had changed his life for the better. He struggled and persevered, and used all his riches for the better of humanity. He started a charity organization called MATW (Muslims Around The World) which helps orphans, the poor and the ones in poverty worldwide. He sacrificed his material currency and instead converted it into spiritual currency which is what he will take with him to the hereafter, as we all will only take our deeds, charities and prayers along with us, nothing else. Please, if you’re able to donate to his organization, do so. If not, pray for him, make duas for him. Ask Allah to forgive him of his sins and grant him the highest level of Jannah (heaven). He is my role model and I have so much love for him as my brother in humanity, a man of integrity, compassion and selflessness. I’ve watched his videos, which left me heartbroken but inspired me to be a more generous, compassionate and humbled person, and that this life is indeed short and is not worth it. Death is not something we can prepare for because it is unexpected. Death is not immune to anyone, it comes at any time, any age, regardless of your status, wealth, or any other factor. Keep this in mind as you go throughout life with the time you have left, from God we come to Earth, and to God we return to in the hereafter. #AliBanat @matw_project 🙏🏾💔
the eyes are the windows to the soul, but the soul should be pure. (👶🏾face lol)
glowing in this May weather💛🌸 (old photo tho)
Heart is filled with love and beauty, not envy nor hatred☺️♥️
confidence breeds beauty, arrogance breeds ugliness.💜
Just some truth that needs to be spread💯 sometimes you are the cause of your failed/dysfunctional friendships and/or relationships, not your lover or friend. One characteristic of a narcissist is never admitting to their own faults and mistakes and taking responsibility. Make sure to evaluate your behavior and actions towards others, so that a person can never tell you that you were in the wrong.Grow, grow your mind, grow your soul, just grow! Growing is evolving in your mind, body and soul in every sense✨
fire & desire🔥
she’s fallin in luv now, losin control now💕
keep it a whole one hunnid, don’t got you I got nothin💔💯
pretty in pink👅
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