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Typing this as I pump for the third time today 🍒! The more you give, the more you make!! Have thought about this a million times in a million contexts since my wise sister @natalieportman spilled this knowledge last Friday. Our human ability to love, value, and respect one another is limitless!
Betty vibes. Thanks @ivy_illustrations for brightening my Monday. #underdogsunite
There is no higher praise for me than that of @valariekaur - A revolutionary warrior in our times who leads with fierce intelligence and robust love. Honored to call you friend and sister. Where you lead, I will follow. #americanlikeme #Repost @valariekaur ・・・ My copy finally arrived! Friends, you must check out this new book from our beloved America Ferrera — a stunning collection of stories of artists, activists, and culture-makers who reflect on life between cultures. In them, I see glimpses of the new America longing to be born — multicultural, multiracial, multifaith and rooted in a revolutionary love. . @americaferrera you did it! I will never forget watching you finish this book in the final days of your pregnancy. Fiercely proud to call you my friend, co-conspirator, and sister. Your love keeps me going every day. Now we ALL get to watch you light up the world with your art and inspiration: . “We are the kids with no key chains, daughters carrying histories in the gaps of our teeth. We are the sons of parents who don't speak of the past, inheritors of warrior's blood and mad bargaining skills. We are the grandchildren of survival: legacies delivered from genocide, colonization, and enslavement. We are the slayers of "impossible." We stand on the shoulders of our ancestors' dreams wearing the weight of their sacrifice on our backs. Our love is radical; our unstraightened hair, a tiny revolution. We are here to survive, to thrive, to live. We connect to our roots clumsily, unknowingly, unceasingly. We call ourselves "American" enthusiastically, reluctantly, or not at all. We take fragments of what was broken, severed, or lost in history, and we create whole selves, new families, and better futures. We live as citizens of a country that does not always claim us or even see us, and yet, we continue to build, to create, and to compel it toward its promise." --America Ferrera, AMERICAN LIKE ME
Friday Fun with midterms! There are easy ways to get educated on what you’re voting for! Start with #novemberiscoming #imfiredup 🔥🔥🔥
There’s still time! #novemberiscoming
MORNING! It’s time for the whacky show you never asked for but is sweeping the nation: Midterm Election Information with America Ferrera! Go to my stories for the links to: And check the deadline in your state! High Tech Visual effects by me! #yourewelcome #topnotchproductionvalue
November is on the horizon. Beautiful words from my wise sister @valariekaur #Repost ・・・ The Wise Woman in me sees my sadness and sits with it. She does not shame it. She honors it. She knows that the new court will make the labor for justice harder and more painful, not for years but for decades. She knows I’m tired. She knows that I feel hopeless. She also knows that I don’t need hope in order to choose to show up and labor in love anyway. She knows that love will sustain me until hope returns. . Today I breathe with my son and my lover and my sister and the sky and the sea. Today I remember all that is beautiful and good and worth fighting for. Today I remember that the labor for justice has gone on for centuries before me and will go on for centuries after me. Today I remember that I am not alone — that if millions of women are listening to the wisdom within them too, and still choose to return to the work, then we WILL usher in a new era — where women are believed, where women lead. Starting in November. Today we breathe. Tomorrow we push. #BreatheAndPush #NovemberIsComing
Midterms are 30 days away! Let’s talk! What do you need to get out and vote?? #novemberiscoming
“I didn’t fit into traditional boxes for women on screen. When I became an actress, my mere presence was a revolution because I wasn’t supposed to exist in this industry... So few women are in positions of decision-making. We cannot accept that; that all things being equal, women are less qualified. No! All things are not equal.” Thank you @portermagazine for this shoot and interview. #PorterEDIT by @netaporter @evebarlow (journalist) @yemchuk (photog) @ttstyle (stylist) @jennifer_dickinson (Editor) @theannabelbrog (Talent Director) @gemmastark (Art Director) @marywilesmakeup (makeup) @kevinjryan (hair) @teamid 😘
Who doesn’t need a laugh and a love story right now? We gotchu. Season 4 premiere. Tonight. 8pm @nbcsuperstore
Please keep calling these four Senators and telling them to vote NO on Kavanaugh. #stopkavanaugh
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