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Brotherhood of the traveling basement. Thank you Tampa _______ 📸: @ipferrer
The Basement Project: Simply doing what you want when you want. This concept/ tiny thought came to us a couple months ago. It wasn’t anything crazy, we just wanted to take our whole vibe/ experience that we had in our basement in Gainesville, FL & move it to another basement a thousand miles away. The people we have met and the memories we have made here in this basement we will never forget. Hopefully you guys understand that this movement is already underway, there is nothing that can stop what has already been started. We have so much love for all of you. Thank you to everyone that was apart of this dopeness. Let’s all stay connected. If we forgot your IG, we didn’t forget you we just could tag over 20 ppl :(. _______ Fun Fact: some of the greats have came through to that basement before our time there. The @yeahyeahyeahs recorded in that same exact basement for 8 years. 🤭 _______ Online Store will be available today @ 4:20pm EST _______ First 6 photos: @vvlandis Last 3 photos: @felxfrancisco
Picked up the Basement in Gainesville & brought it to the City. Brick by brick. One foot in front of the other. The process is everything. Fall in love with it ❤️. That is all life is... We think? ______ 🎬: @jacobamckay
We officially opened shop today. We’ll be open in NYC for the next couple of weeks (July 13- July 26*). Everyone is welcome. We will be having live music tonight by Come through & catch a vibe. Swipe left 4 Event Flyer
Thank you to everyone that came out to the Bloc Party. We saw some new faces, made some new connections and had a good time. All of you guys are the reason we keep this ship moving ❤️ More events to come _____ 📸: @ipiferrer
Still can’t believe we fit all of our shit in this car. Crazy shit. NYC bound🚦
F is for friends who do stuff together 📷: @vvlandis
Whatever is in front of you in this exact moment, is exactly what’s supposed to be in front of your eyes. What your doing, is exactly what you should be doing ________ Faīth Works out now. Link in our bio
Roof has been compromised. Bring in backup ______ Faith Works Collection drops tmrrw at 1:23pm EST
Faīth Works de Always True ___________ Designer, Hand- Painted, Hand Crafted, Limited Edition, Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-GMO Collection Drops 7.1.18 @ 1:23pm EST
Keep it pushin’
****IMPORTANT*** New Location for this event is... @visionarycrossfit 716 N Main St. Gainesville, FL 32607 ________ 🎟: Tickets in bio 🎨: @spoongirl
Experience all that you experience, just realize it’s not the true “You”. Detach from it all ________________ 💀: @lookitsno1 📷 : @felxfrancisco
@lookitsno1 mixtape “Generation” is a set of songs that will make you feel some type of way. To see the progress this homie has had over the past 2 years since we have met is incredible. Go give NO1, a member of the Always True™️ Collective some love. First single off the tape ‘No More (ft. @victoriavicary )’ is out. ________ Link in @lookitsno1 bio GRFX: @ilonte
It’s the whole process that is the most important. At first, while creating these pieces we had this desire to finish them. We thought that at the end of the creation would be happiness. We soon realized that the dopest part of it all is the act of creating. The exact moment you are in. Thats is the part that sets you free. It’s never about the final destination. That shit will elude you. That desire, while super sick/ dope af, will elude you if you are banking on it to bring you happiness. _______ The pure happiness we have found is being present in the moment of creation which is everything. Walking your dog, taking a shit, eating babies (burrito babies) at Chipotle, making art, driving to work, etc. All of those things are supposed to be happening. You are experiencing it right now as you are reading this word for word. As your eyes gaze from left to right. It’s all happening simultaneously. The way we see life is that it’s unfolding at the same time that it’s being written. Be in it. Love in it. Do it up. No time is wasted time. It’s only wasted time because you are thinking to much of what you “could” be doing. What you “could” be doing isn’t actually what you are doing. What you are doing is what you are doing. Be here. Be present. Be in the flow. Rest In Peace. ❤️
Do what you do when you do what you do @joshperrybmx
Did you choose exactly what you are during in this moment? Think about it. Could it be an illusion?
Welcome to my happy place 😊
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