Uk cosplayer from the north east, take a peep if you're interested in my stuff :D #ukcosplay #malecosplay #foamsmith

I did a thing! Check out the latest issue of @cosplaycommunitymag and you can read a two page article I put together on my first and last cosplays! @king_tide_creations looking majestic af on the cover and big thanks to my main man @nicholasgray87 for the photos used in the article as well as to @cosplaycommunitymag for asking me to write this 💚
"By putting tons of brahmin shit in the vats, we found out that the fumes give more than enough of a kick. Eureka. Literally. 'Course, we had to test to get the mix right." -Myron. Who doesn’t love a bit of jet in the wasteland! Photo by @nicholasgray87
Got some awesome shots from the talented @nicholasgray87 of my Pack Raider cosplay from Fallout 4!
I wish it was as warm as it looks here haha, amazing photo by @drwhero of my Fallout Raider cosplay
#vikings night! Kicking off the new season with mead made delicious beef stew with @scarlet.rose985 :D
Having an awesome time exploring the Appalachia wasteland in Fallout 76, anybody manage to nuke your best friend yet? Check out this amazing photo of my Raider cosplay taken by @drwhero
Happy Reclamation Day!!!! Raider by myself, Vault Dweller by @scarlet.rose985 , and Power Amour by @mrzcosplay
Just filling the time waiting for Fallout 76 to drop in the wasteland...
Apologies for being MIA, had some family stuff recently but up to feeling posting again :) Had a great time at MCM with @scarlet.rose985 with our Fallout Vault Dweller and Pack Raider cosplays. Photo by @takethepicsphoto go check him out too 🤘🏻
I made a Shocking Puncturing Pink Bat from Fallout 4 to go with my Pack Raider, pretty happy with house this came out and con safe too! Used a foam baseball bat as a base and made the nails with foam clay from @poly.props
Made some Rad Away for the weekend, blood packs bought by @scarlet.rose985 and these may or may not be getting filled with rum ;)
Not bad for a cheap £1 and a splash of paint! Super easy pistol prop to go with @scarlet.rose985 Fallout cosplay, go give her a follow to check it out what we’re doing together :)
Painted the Amulet of Mara given to me by @scarlet.rose985 ❤️, put a bit of glow in the dark paint on the gem and pretty happy with how it came out!
“The Pack are the meanest sons of bitches you'll ever meet. We do whatever it takes, and we're fiercely loyal.” - Mason. Photo by @takethepicsphoto
Had a rad time at EGX, so much fun with our Bethesda bros and check out this sweet photo of my Pack Raider from Fallout 4 taken by Donald Manning :)
Vault boy is taking over XD #fallout76egx
Absolutely love this Skyrim Glass Dagger from @arsynalprops !!! It’s so beautifully made and highly detailed ❤️
Check out his amazing art work of my Elf in Dragon Scale Armour cosplay from Skyrim by @nero_arts ! All her art work is amazing so go check them out and massive thank you to @scarlet.rose985 for having this commissioned as a present ❤️ Go see her epic cosplays and we have some stuff planned together that you’ll see soon :D
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