Uk cosplayer from the north east, take a peep if you're interested in my stuff :D #ukcosplay #malecosplay #foamsmith

Check out this awesome 3D printed Amulet of Mara given to me by the lovely @scarlet.rose985 :D Any tips on the best way to paint it will be greatly appreciated!
I fixed up the paint job on my Fallout 4 Raider and I’m so happy it has new life! Great photo from LFCC by dc_photo_dc
Epic shot by @georgeellsworth of my Fallout 4 Raider from LFCC, go check him out for the full video in all its glory!
Killing two birds with one stone here, showing off my Pack Raider cosplay from the Fallout4 Nuka World DLC, and with a side by side comparison as nominated by @terrydaedriccosplay inspired by @alysontabbitha :D next up I nominate @koviekixx and @scarlet.rose985 !
Selfie spam! Had the most amazing weekend at LFCC, big thanks to @cosplayatshowmasters for inviting me down to be a guest, missing everyone already and was great to meet the other amazingly talented cosplay guests @alexcosplay @cinnabarcosplay @alilenvyious @kallimackcosplay @kitschy_cosplay @matteleven @theofficialariel @hannah_alexander_artwork and of course @yayahan @kamuicosplay and benni! All of which are the most amazing people with so much passion for their art! ❤️❤️❤️
@thefuxedos (Hancock) signed my pipe rifle and he is such a super chill guy ❤️
Swing by my table at London Film and Comic Con! Here with some amazing cosplayers! RIP @alexcosplay shorts
One Pack Raider vest all painted and weathered, going crazy making fur trousers and may have to buy more after a shrinking accident when dying the fabric oops, give me foam to play with instead please! XD
I’ve had this hiding in the flat and forgot to show you people, getting set for LFCC! All aboard the hype train!
Working on a quick lil something for LFCC, can any of you recognise it from he helmet?
Anybody else love the hot springs area in southern Eastmarch? Low Force waterfalls sure did remind me of it, again more amazing photography by @nicholasgray87 of my Skyrim Dragon Scale Armour!
More Wood Elf action! This really was such a beautiful location to shoot my Skyrim Dragon Scale Armour cosplay, big thanks to @nicholasgray87 for the epic photography :)
Check out this epic waterfall shot of my Wood Elf from Skyrim! Dragon Scale Armour and Dragon Bone Battle-axe by me, and Photography by @nicholasgray87
Absolutely love the images we got today with @nicholasgray87 , it was damn hot but so worth it, prepare your butts for some waterfall photos coming soon!
Forgot to show you guys the improvements made on the Argonian head, think I’m still going to make a new one but learning all the time :D For now I think I might try and mount him on the wall!
Dragon Scale Armour 2.0, so much happier with my new Dragon bone battle axe, and the new paint job is such a massive improvement ☺️
Here’s something I’ve been doing a bad job of keeping a secret but so excited to announce I’ll be a cosplay guest at London Film And Comic Con along side some of the most incredibly talented cosplayers ever! Got check out @cosplayatshowmasters for more :D
Faun Friday! (That can be a thing for this week only haha) Still con crunching and currently improving my scaley boi so keep an eye out for that 😉 Photography by @satindressphotography
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