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Do you want to feel more energized on & off your mat? Our new weeklong YouTube class series, 7 Days of Chakra Balancing kicks off on September 25! 🙏 Align mind, body & soul with these daily classes designed to open up and refresh the 7 chakra points in the body­ ✨ Join @alissayoga & @andrew7sealy as they guide you through the below Chakra Balancing sequences ❤️ DAY 1: ROOT CHAKRA Kick things off with a grounding flow for support & stability DAY 2: SACRAL CHAKRA Awaken your creativity through deep stretching & moon salutations DAY 3: SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA Fill up on confidence & find new willpower with a core-strengthening flow DAY 4: HEART CHAKRA Practice love & compassion with an amazing heart-opening sequence DAY 5: THROAT CHAKRA Open up the energy center for clear communication and self-expression DAY 6: THIRD EYE CHAKRA Tap into your intuition and heighten your focus while finding balance and building strength DAY 7: CROWN CHAKRA Tune into your true self through mantra, meditation, and headstands HOW TO JOIN: 1. Click the link in our latest IG stories to download the calendar or head here: 2. Subscribe to our YouTube channel! 3. BONUS ✨ GIVEAWAY ✨: We are giving away 7 warrior mats!! 1 for each day of the series. Sign up to our email list & tag TWO friends below! 🎉 #aloyoga
What is a goddess? “A woman who is in the process of learning to know, accept and love herself on all levels, mind, body and spirit. A woman who, because she focuses on personal growth and self-awareness, experiences a life increasingly filled with peace, love, joy, passion and fun. A woman that understands that she has unlimited capacity to make her life anything she wants. A woman who is inspired to give to those around her a sense of gratitude and abundance.” - @jayceegossett Our #1 patented legging is Fresh for Fall 🍂🍃 Featuring the ultimate performance fabric engineered to lift, sculpt, contour & smooth and an exclusive technical design, the Goddess Legging is studio & street ready. The ribbed contrast scrunches like legwarmers — wear over the heel or scrunched at the ankle ✨ @sjanaelise practices a Scorpion Handstand Variation in her Goddess Legging. Check out our IG stories to see our newest Goddess Legging colors & styles 💪 Tag a Goddess who inspires you! ✨ #aloyoga
@actionhiro ’s changing the way we think about asanas and redefining what it means to have a healthy practice 🙏 His secret weapon? An incredible handle on how the body works. Fun fact: before he turned his yoga practice into a career, Hiro was pursuing a path in medicine (he was an open-heart surgery specialist in a top medical program!), which explains his wealth of anatomical knowledge and unique ability to pinpoint what’s working and not working for his students. His classes are all about growth over perfection—an approach that's completely transformed his own practice, on and off the mat. “Learning the difference between pushing for growth from a place of ego versus seeing growing as an exploration of the self through compassion and self-wonder really helped me use yoga to grow in all aspects of my life.” For more on Hiro’s journey, top tips for a safe practice & favorite songs to flow to, head to our blog!✨ #aloyoga
“Changing your perspective means exploring new territory— not necessarily a physical location, but a commitment to self-growth within the boundaries of your own mind.” @gypsyon__ flipping her perspective with a little inversion playtime ✨ Hannah is wearing the Delight Bra & Seamless Radiance Legging 💕 #aloyoga
🙏 COME GET IT OM WITH US! 🙏 Practice with the most inspiring yogis in the world at our inspiring sanctuaries! We have beautiful, fully-equipped yoga studios at our Beverly Hills, Grove and SoHo locations and so many great classes to choose from! Our stores are an expression of gratitude for you, for yoga and for the magic that happens when yogis connect ✨ Come by for yoga, good vibes and soulful experiences! Click the link in our bio to check out our studio schedules & reserve your mat! ✨ Tag someone you want to try this Infinity Splits Pose with! ❤️ Courtesy of @meliniseri & @koyawebb at the @alonewyork store 📷 @sfreneenyc
“Be present and gentle with yourself. Be patient and flexible with your journey. Walk with your head held high knowing that you did your best.” - @alex_elle ✨💕 @yoga_ky stretches sky high in the Lounge Bra and Daze Short. If you’re looking to strengthen your Splits & Flexibility practice, try Kylan’s FREE 15-Minute Splits Stretches class on our YouTube channel! Link in bio 🙏 #aloyoga
✨ Alo chooses earth-friendly energy ✨ We run on sunshine (and yoga!) ☀️🙏 Our L.A. headquarters and Beverly Hills flagship are both solar powered, and we’re building a major 1-megawatt solar farm on our roof. When the sun’s shining it will harvest enough energy to continuously light 100,000 lightbulbs! ✨💡 We’re always looking on the bright side here at Alo. Click on the link in our bio to learn more about our conscious business practices 💕 #aloyoga
Alo works on more bodies than you might guess. Did you know Alo’s large fits size 14? And our XL fits an 18. Our luxe performance fabrics have 4-way stretch and are engineered to support & perform, keeping muscles warm and supported and enabling yogis to practice at their best ✨ “I wear Alo every day because it is simply amazing,” says @rootedinflowing - a yogi & human who inspires us daily. “Their clothing is the only one I’ve found to fit my curvy figure properly while giving me freedom of movement whether I am in leggings, shorts, leos or their new underwear!” ✨ We love seeing how different yogis from all around the world wear & practice in Alo in their own unique way. 💛 #aloyoga
Did you know that @nayitavp and @lamise first met through @Instagram about 5 years ago? “I am so grateful for this app!!” Lamise says. “Connecting with like-minded souls helps to make this big world feel a little more whole. Now here we are today; traveling to each other to take pictures, teach and practice what we love!” ✨🌍❤️ Spreading mindful movement and creating community inspire everything that we do at Alo! Our Yoga Challenges are an incredible way to learn, grow and strengthen your yoga practice while getting to know the yogi community (and maybe even make some new friends just like Lamise and Naya). Anyone can participate and there’s one lucky winner for each challenge that receives a special alo gift! 🎉 This month, get your Pincha & Splits practice on point with #Progress2Pose , challenge your inner warrior with #AloWarriors and get down (dog) with #PAWasanas ! To find out more about other challenges going on for September, click the link in our bio or head here: We’ll be following each challenge hashtag to keep up with your yoga journeys! On your mat, get set, FLOW! #aloyoga
@RebekahLetch loves to move! 💕She took her first ballet class when she was four, attended Juilliard for dance and discovered her love for yoga as a student at the school. Now she practices every day, teaches yoga at our @alonewyork studio and credits the practice for transforming her life in ways she never expected. Rebecca says, “Yoga has helped me calm down and not be anxious… I start my day with yoga and meditation, and it helps me stay grounded and in tune with myself. There are days when work and life get hard, and yoga is like movement meditation for me... It has also helped me accept my flaws and limitations. Yoga has definitely changed my life.” ✨ We’re so inspired by Rebecca’s yoga journey and her passion for life in motion. Get the full run-down on Rebekah’s story, plus, her advice to new yogis and fellow women of color following their dreams, on our blog! Link in bio. #aloyoga
Arm Balance asanas in yoga can be challenging, but they can also be a very rewarding and uplifting aspect of your yoga practice! Learn to move past fear, build better balance, strengthen your body and watch your practice take off! 🚀✨ TODAY kicks off our FREE weeklong video class series, 7 Days of Arm Balancing Poses with super-yogi @gypsetgoddess ! 🎉 Each day we will post a different Arm Balance How-To Tutorial on our YouTube channel to get you lengthening, strengthening and balancing on your mat! DATES: August 27 - September 2 DAY 1: CROW + CRANE DAY 2: FLYING PIGEON DAY 3: GRASSHOPPER DAY 4: EKA PADA KOUNDINYASANA I DAY 5: EKA PADA KOUNDINYASANA II DAY 6: EIGHT ANGLE POSE DAY 7: EKA PADA KOUNDINYASANA I + II & EIGHT ANGLE COMBO 🚀✨🚀✨🚀 HOW TO JOIN: 1. Click the link in our bio to download the calendar or head here: 2. Subscribe to our YouTube channel! 3. BONUS ✨ GIVEAWAY ✨: We are giving away 7 warrior mats!! 1 for each day of the series. Sign up to our email list & tag TWO friends below! 🎉 #aloyoga
In case you didn’t know, we take comfort pretty seriously here at Alo. Our velvety AloSoft fabric is an Alo team favorite 🙌 for its ridiculously comfy, super-soft feel (it’s total live-in material!), coupled with its practice-perfecting details, like 4-way stretch and moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties. It’s our softest performance fabric that blends fashion & function. So you can yoga now and lounge later. 🙏 @fitqueenirene is a Lounge Queen featured here in the Lounge Legging & Sunny Strappy Bra ✨ #AloYoga 📷 @mavtoro
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