Allison Daniel


Window Treatments ✨ @mizz__mo
My work from the FIRE show @shelflifeart will be up through this coming Saturday (08/11). My pieces “The Southern Graces” and “Tire Tread” are accompanied by earrings that I made with extra material I had leftover after finishing the pieces. They start at $15 and are really cute so go get some while you can!
Brick pic w/ my sis and Annie B. 📸 @olivecats
Where you are is no good unless you can get away from it -•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•- Come see this piece and some more @shelflifeart next Saturday night 6:30!
I made some plates for a real executive chef! Thanks @georgekovach for the opportunity! 💃🏼🍸 ・・・ Chocolate dessert to be paired with a Manhattan @hushgso starting tonight. Thanks @allirog for the plates!
First day @starworksceramics !!!
Cherry Push-Up / Blueberry Cereal / Temporary Tattoos
Happy bday @mizz__mo idk who what where when why i would be without cha 💗 #wershperppin
Becky Boo with her new glass necklace :)
Just had a conversation with a Subway employee in which neither of us could understand each other :)
Cheesin’ with Bodie’s phallis :)
Schwat??? #momo 🎀🎀
Excited for this tray
That’s my boo not urs @leilajinnah @milk
I’m in love with this mug
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