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i have a weird job for a grown man || They pull faces out of me || They clap. I bow || Somewhere else an eletrician fixes light.

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Happy birthday Amma. I miss you here. See you soon. Love. Ali
Mirzapur pvt ltd!
(Reposting this after this post was deleted by the powers that be on social media) fyi : “Jammed around the metal of our times. The young is far far deep into caves of No return. Aur iss bhasad mein, 2018 mein jaake , humaara itihaas nap raha hai..pichhle teen saalon mein bhaarat ka itihaas bade saleeke se samjhaya gaya hai. Tv, school sab. . itne kaayde se toh mere teachers ne bhi nahi kiya . “Guru yeh taj mahal hai, iska phalaana dhimka kitaab mein hai, seekhlo”. Ab hai ki, dharti ka origin bhi bade dhairya se samjha dia gaya hai. Woh wahaan, ek kutiya yaani ghar sa thhaa actually, aur yeh yahaan jo hai, mitti ka rang humaare jhande ke rangon jaisa khilta nazar aata thha, hehe.. aur yahaan se phawvaara nikla aur yahaan nadi.. dekha? Chamatkar hai babu. itihaas ka. Yahi chamatkaar Humaara hathyaar hai. Kuchh ch**tiye lad padte hain. Ek aad kat jaate hain. (Acc. To official survey -not allowed to release original number of.. uhum) Phir tyohaar aata hai. Hum nature ki g**nd maarte hain . Aur phir school ki admission ki charcha aur “agli film kaunsi hai” ki guftagoo mein ulajh jaate hain. Why not? I pay taxes. Hum toh nibhaayenge. Warna! I am patriot. Achha kisaan baitha reh jaata hai baahar. Phasal ki raah dekhte. Order aata hai “ aaj 6 khudkshushi karlein. Wahaan 8 aur paida ho gaye hain, ab itne log, kaise chalega sab”. Chinhat zilla mein, ek kahaawat hai- ab woh kya hai, yeh kisi ek ko pata hai. Main kuchh kehdoo, aap maan lenge..agli baar chinhat ka itihaas humse jaanenge, yeh silsila chalta rahega. I sowed. You flowed. Mask peheno. “ by sameer saathe . . . #matrix #climatechange #climatechangeisreal #history #gyaan #school #love #coexist #cowork #nature #pollution #change #cities #corporation #money #schemes #lobbying #save #the #planet #savemycountry #health #breathe
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“Did i miss it? Will i ever touch you again? I miss you sometimes. And sometimes you are clearer than the the mirror on the wall. like another life. within me. Another face . Beneath me. Another soul ? One to keep and one to...haaa.. you cupped me once in your palms and told me the world is mine. I said let me live about a 80 days . You smiled or laughed. Said something in what was gibberish to me . Still is. Sounds on the inside are either soulful or just bad indigestion. Rest is blood and air really. Gibber gabber. Yes yes no. Yes yes.. really! Hehe.. i am with me at most times. Rest is blood n air really. “ M
And this was one #saturdaymorninglive @nbaindia @spnsportsindia Because Basketball is where it all began for me. I could practically go back to the nba house every week and do this.. wait can i? Heheh.. #curry times .. Trivia : did you know @shaq (shaquille O’Neal) in his entire career has attempted 23 odd three pointers and converted only one. Like 1. I mean he’s a legend but hey, the perimeter is no piece of cake. The game is all team. Anyway , signing out.. cheers
Happy Diwali everyone! @satyajeetdubey thanks for extracting the festive wish during my little dinner break! ... #HappyDiwali #dhanteras #diwali #celebrations #shootlife #love #work
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Sang the National Anthem at the #vivoprokabaddi @prokabaddi ... and i got it right.. well .. had a bad throat so couldnt open up and sing the way i wouldve liked to but job done! With so many ppl standing in the crowd , for the first time i sang it for my ears. Reminded myself that there is more to this nation than the govt running it at any given time. But the civilians dont get it, so we shall remain imbiciles and deteriorate with time . And to all the hollers who speak of hope, you dont deserve to- go clean up your yard first and then look up - if u can see the sky the way we heard about it in the poems in school then let yourself think about hope. #climatechange #climatechangeisreal Peace out! Styled by none other than @ishabhansali ..
Sorry i like the colored version and no filtersss lady.. 10 november ko tum udhar ki ho jaogi.! Ishq mohabbat - hum sab isi ki ek tatol se nikle praani hain.. kabhi idhar kabhi udhar- jahaan jiska shor chal jaaye jahaan jiski aawaaz reh jaaye. . Jab tak machal hai tab tak saasein hain. So from the shameless shallows and shady nooks and crannys of my heart, i wish you life Esra. Tumme bohot drama hai. Which is criteria one for being close to me. Aagey ka, you handle. Love. M
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