Shaw Hedman

I have no idea what I'm doing

Its interview time... again. Wish me luck!
And theres still more coming
Baby face round 2
Wish me luck, friends. Its interview time.
Well this is a face I haven't seen in almost 2 years #babyface
Happy sounds
I've been neglecting you guys for which I apologize. #tacotime
Looky what I found!
This is the look of a confused and sad pupper. For he does not know why mom isn't home yet. #prayforpupper
I'm not one for selfies but I just got my new glasses today so why not
I do apologize for not posting recently. Have some sleepy pups #tacotuesday #tacowithasideofolive 📷: @wolvesregalia
Tuckered out from playing with their cousins #tacotuesday #tacowithasideofolive
I apologize for missing last week. Things have been hectic and on top of that these adorable little brats have been driving me crazy #tacotuesday #tacowithasideofolive 📷@wolvesregalia
It's been a little stressful recently so I apologize. #tacotuesday #tacowithasideofolive
Have a happy Tuesday, everyone! And that last picture contains 27 tacos. #tacotuesday #tacowithasideofolive
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